Last week, I spent Holy Week with my family, we also celebrated a very much overdue graduation celebration which I will blog about at a later date. Despite the lack of time, I was able to sneak in a photoshoot session.

For this outfit post, we trudged around Mall of Asia and other places within the vicinity in search of a nice background. We shooted while we were walking, hence the blurness of some of the photos. I placed the camera on automatic settings since we were walking around a lot and Isaac still lacks the necessary knowledge to operate on manual settings.

The Big Gulp I am holding belongs to Isaac, I held on to it for him while he was taking my pictures.

It was a super sunny day as well a very windy one. In my case, it was a very bad combination for the outfit I was wearing. I wore sheer clothing which was light enough for the wind to blow away thus explaining my messy look in some of the pictures.

I was also wearing a long sleeved top and a kimono which made me feel the heat even more.

However, my lace umbrella really helped me during that warm, sunny day.

Surprisingly, my favorite part about this kimono is not the lace details but the shape of the kimono. I say surprisingly because in terms of clothing, my favorite part is usually the beautiful lace detail which is the case with my knee high socks.

I just adored how the figure of the chiffon kimono exuded a cool and laid-back mood, especially if you look at it from behind. The first picture in this post probably best explains what I’m getting at. Don’t get me wrong though, I absolutely love the lace details of this cover up. Ultimately, I probably would not have chosen this nicely shaped kimono if not for its lace design.

As you may or may not know, I am fond of knee high socks but these really caught my eye. It was the lace lining that appealed to my taste, I find it so intricate and dainty. Judging from the product pictures, I thought that the socks would be a bit longer but other than the length, I have no qualms about these socks. They were colored in a rich brown color of which I am very pleased at, I have another pair in a lighter color which I will blogged about on my Ice Skating and Sheinside post. The knit socks were nicely thick as well as very stretchable.

DressLink cream chiffon lace kimono; Forever 21 pink sheer lace long sleeved ribbon top; white lace shorts; DressLink brown lace trim knee high knit socks; Romwe pink heels; black bunny bag