Market Cafe is located at Hyatt Hotel & Casino, 1588 Pedro Gil Corner M.H. Del Pilar Street, Malate, Manila. Market Cafe serves Western, Japanese and Chinese cuisine. At that time when we dined at Market Cafe buffet, their daily specials include beef brisket for their Western special, tuna steak for their Japanese special, chicken etouffee for their Chinese special and Almond Dacquoise for desserts.

You can find a wide selection of raw seafood in one of the tables.

Take your pick at the bread station.

Pizza please!

Stop by this station for some fruits to end your meal.

They have pasta and potatoes as well.

These are probably my favorite plates among all the other plates that they had.

You can find stir-fried salt and pepper shrimp at their Chinese station.

According to my sister, she finds the spinach noodle a little bland but I find that it does taste different than ordinary noodles. It might have been soaked too long while it was being cooked though since I saw the boiled water turn green.

Pork charsiu, crispy pork belly and pig trotter can be found at the Chinese station as well.

You can add tofu, spring onions and chili powder to your miso soup.

I found the tempura delicious especially because of the thin batter, it was light on the tummy.

Have some cheese and more cheese!

Their buffet has an open kitchen.

Sushi in the making.

Before adding the noodles to the bowl, the chef added some sauce and some powder then transferred the noodles onto the bowl before adding soup from a different pot (they used a different pot for boiling the noodles).

You can choose from cabbage, beef and fish cake to add to your soup. After receiving my noodle soup, I added some garlic and spring onions. I love the chewiness of the noodles and the spinach flavour of the soup. I like the taste of the noodle with the fish tofu best.

The grilled salmon was one of my favorites.

The vanilla panna cotta went well with the slightly firmer flower shaped chocolate panna cotta on top as well as with the cherries at the bottom of the glass. If not for the small portions, the cherries and the chocolate panna cotta, I would probably have gotten sick of eating the vanilla panna cotta. Overall, the vanilla panna cotta was okay but I wish it had a more viscous texture.

As for the chocolate panna cotta, I had no qualms about the texture. It was more gelitinous and had a texture similar to pudding. They probably designed it to be more viscous in order to prevent the flowy chocolate syrup from seeping into the chocolate panna cotta. I really gave their panna cotta some thought because during our stay there, I was still taking care of my thesis which involves panna cotta.

For some reason, I really liked how they presented their halo-halo station.

At that time, they had dalandan sherbet as well as strawberry and ginger cinnamon ice cream. The ginger cinnamon was my favourite flavour. I cannot seem to describe the flavour when my sister asked me about it but all I could say is that it gave off a refreshing feeling.

I liked the star shaped cookies. It tasted and smelled like cinnamon. Somehow, it reminds me of Christmas.

The diamond shaped cookies had cinnamon too as well as with nuts and some sort of fruit (maybe cranberry).