“Be Yourself. No One Can Say You’re Doing It Wrong.” ― Charles M. Schulz
I used to wear head bands a lot but up until recently, I stopped wearing them. When I was in grade school, I used to adore thick head bands but I grew tired of them around college. However, when I saw this lace head band, I thought to myself that I just had to have it.

My only complaint regarding this head band is quite petty, I am saddened by the fact that I am unable to properly wear this head band if I chose to wear it with my bangs down since it is a bit too tight to do so. If I took it off after wearing it with my bangs down, I am afraid that my bangs would look terribly flat, hence the lack of bangs in this look.

This is my crochet cardigan from my A Perfectly Ordinary Day outfit. I used to always wear this crochet cardigan, just as much as I wore my floral kimono. However, I lessened the frequency due to the fragileness of this crochet cardigan, it would frequently get caught on something.

I paired the crochet cardigan and the scallop hem lace top with the pleated leather skirt because I liked how the lace and crochet details looked on the faux leather fabric.

As I have mentioned in my DressLink outfit, I am a sucker for lace details and this lace crochet top is no exception. Most notably, the lace top had so all sorts of intricate lace design rolled into one lovely sleeveless lace top. The only downside is that it had no inner lining. Although it may not really be a downside for other people since the lack of inner lining allows you to pair the white lace design with different colors, I paired mine with a black tank top. I find that this is a downside because wearing a tank top in addition to the lace top makes it hotter for me.

Say hello to the last pair of sunglasses in this time’s batch of sunglasses. The other pairs were featured in my A Perfectly Ordinary Day outfit, Milanoo outfit and my Get Lei’d outfit.

Edgy is what I would describe these sunglasses, both in shape and in style. Just like my cat eye sunglasses in my How I Live Now outfit, these sunglasses are smooth and glossy, perfect for a finishing touch to an outfit for a sunny day.

I just adore this bag, it was just as I expected it to be. It was so fluffy, thanks to the feathers. The feathers gave the bag a volumous look despite it actually being the opposite of bulky. However, if it does get bulky because of so much things placed inside of the bag, it would still look quite nice because of the vinyl alligator flap which, I might add, was very shiny.

The fluffiness of this bag is not the only reason why I am so fond of it, although I cannot resist feeling the feathers because it is just so fluffy.

I like the interior of this bag as well. Apart from the fabulous design, the zipper pocket is a nice touch. I have noticed that most of the party bags and small bags among those that I have seen do not have contain zipper pockets but there are some exceptions such as my bunny bag. However, my bunny bag’s zipper pocket is quite small unlike my new feather bag’s zipper pocket which is much spacier.

DressLily white lace head band ZeroUV black frame, gold metal legs and grey tint butterfly shaped sunglasses; Romwe white lace crochet top; white crochet scallop hem cardigan; Romwe black pleated faux leather skater skirt; Romwe black vinyl alligator feather bag; Mart of China black and white bow heels