Ice Skating On A Hot Summer Day.
Coats have always been one of the things that I have needlessly obsessed over. Why “needlessly” you might ask? I deem it as an unnecessary want due to the fact that I live in a tropical country. I hardly travel outside the country. The only cold enough place that I most often visit is Tagaytay but it is usually only at night when the temperature drops to a point where I can cozily wear my thick coats.

However, my family and I rarely go out at night when we are at Tagaytay because come nightfall, we are pretty much exhausted. Despite the drawback, it does not hinder me from getting the cutest coat my hands could get hold of.

I could also wait for December for the temperature to drop, or I could go ice skating. I do not know why this thought had not struck me earlier but I am glad I was able to figure it out. Let me explain, my brother recently got hooked on ice skating and when this topic was brought up, I told Isaac that I had never tried ice skating and he just kept bugging me about trying ice skating.

I gave in and tried ice skating but frankly, my first attempt at ice skating was simply a disaster. My legs hurt because of the pressure from the ice skating shoes. Apparently, it was not supposed to do so. How I wished I wore thicker socks. Instead, I made a change of shoes and it gave me a bit of relief but my lower calf still stung like a giant blister.

My second attempt at ice skating was much better. This post documents my second attempt. I wore my knit knee high socks in order to prevent the previous fiasco. The thickness of my knee high socks helped a lot. Learning how to skate sure worked up my appetite, we went to Rosanjin for lunch and dined at Mega Food Hall for some dinner.

The reason I needed my knit coat and knit socks was because I am still new to ice skating which means I do not really move around a lot. Because I do not move around a lot, I cannot produce body heat to keep me from feeling the cold hence my need for thick clothing. That and I really just want an excuse to wear my cute knit clothes.

The embroidery is lovely, it is one of the reasons why I really just had to have this coat.

The lovely floral design embroidered on the hood of the coat is a nice touch.

The socks I am wearing in this post is the one that I was talking about in my Dresslink post.

At first, I wore my socks like I did in my Dresslink post. However, I eventually decided to roll it down just to make sure that the ice skating shoes do not give my legs too much pressure.

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On a side note, my new navy coat’s color scheme makes me reminisce about school. I cannot wait to blog my graduation post.

Sheinside navy knit floral embroidered hooded coat; mint pleated chiffon dress; Dresslink gray knee high lace knit socks