“Happiness Is A Warm Puppy.” ― Charles M. Schulz

Remember my pretty doggy, Bruha? Today’s post features my happy days with Bruha the Japanese Spitz.

This is how she looks like fresh off from a bath. Her doggie towel is just adorable, the towel had doggie ears and a doggie face. Too cute, right? It was my brother who bought the towel along with a pair of goggles made for dogs which Bruha refuses to wear.

When she was just a tiny pup, I still had no slr camera. I used the same digital camera that I used with Loco. Bruha was a cute puppy so I really regret not having high quality photos of her as a puppy. I might have blurred photos of her taken with an slr, but I have to look for them. Once I find them, you can be sure that I will blog about it in a different set of photodump.

She grew up really fast and we did not really expect her to. How could we when we were told that she was a Pomeranian. As a puppy, she could easily pass as a Pomeranian and we were given a certificate that said so as well.

I do not really mind that she was actually a Japanese spitz but I think she got used to being carried around a lot. She would always act as if she wanted to be carried. It was easy to carry her when she a light puppy. However, I kind of find her heavy now that she is a full grown canine. I used to be able to carry her in one hand but just as you have seen in my Safe and Sound post. Today, carrying her around has become quite a feat for me.

She was always fascinated by the koi fish in our pond. One stormy night, she kept barking at something and running back and forth from that something and from us. Turns out she was barking at a koi fish that fell out of the pond because it jumped while the pond got flooded by the rain. Thanks to Bruha, we managed to save the koi fish by putting it back into the water.

She is probably looking for the koi fish that she saved.

One nice thing about Bruha is that when you call her, she will usually come running towards you.

Currently, I do not have the time to take her out to explore new places but I do want to take her to dog cafes and such or I could also order some of those savory dog food and baked goods tailor-made for dogs. Whatever the plan will be, I hope that it will make Bruha one happy dog.