Cafe Shibuya is a Japanese cafe perfect for meetings with friends or finding time to just relax and enjoy good food. Interestingly enough, their menu was designed to look like a newspaper. How quaint is that? For them, “cooking with love provides food for the soul.”

Hello! I am wearing my top from my A Perfectly Ordinary Day outfit.

Cafe Shibuya is known for their sweet and savory toast. For them, “life starts after a serving of honey toast.” From time to time, they initiate a “100 free toast” promo wherein they give out 100 free toasts to 100 customers.

It kind of looks like I’m reading a newspaper early in the morning with a cup of hot tea.

In order to buy all this yummy food, I used a voucher to get it at a cheaper price.

Their iced tea (85 pesos) which was brewed with tea and real fruits tasted delicious. It is usually served cold but since Isaac had a cold, I insisted that they serve it hot if possible. My choice was the peach iced tea while Isaac had the hot honey lemon iced tea served in a red mug.

The smoked salmon pasta (350 pesos) was deliciously creamy. It still tasted pretty good despite it getting cold, it was probably thanks to the capers and the smoked salmon. Also, the pasta came with toasted bread.

Hurrah for the weekday special (295 pesos)! For me, it was probably the best choice if you are on a budget but would like to have more food choices. The weekday special consists of your choice of pasta (mentaiko, truffle cream with prosciutto, summer garden or spaghetti al tonno pasta), choice of soup (truffle mushroom or pumpkin with bacon soup) and tomato & cucumber salad with mango vinaigrette dressing.

The truffle cream with prosciutto pasta tasted similar to the smoked salmon cream pasta except it was much more flavorful and delectable thanks to the truffle. I must say they were very generous with the use of truffle oil in their food. As they served the pasta and the soup, the aroma of the truffle tickled my appetite. Avoid consuming it cold though, or you might easily get sick of the taste.

The tomato & cucumber salad and mango vinaigrette dressing came with lettuce and was sprinkled with Parmesan cheese on top.

The truffle mushroom soup was mixed with seasonal mushrooms.

I kind of liked the buttermilk fried chicken (245 pesos) but Isaac did have a few complaints about his order.

The order came with two pieces of buttermilk fried chicken as well as a cheddar biscuit, gravy and white rice.

Isaac was not a fan of how the chicken was fried. For him, it felt like he was eating something similar to fried chicken skin but if you love fried chicken skin, then by all means go ahead with this order. Also, the breading absorbed too much oil, thus making the chicken oily.

Cafe Shibuya is located at the ground floor of UP Town Center, Katipunan.