“I Miss The Taste Of A Sweeter Life.” ― Maroon 5
I was choosing between “Miss the Days” and “Aztec Kimono” for the blog title and I guess “Miss the Days” won because I was feeling nostalgic. This outfit post was taken a couple of weeks before I graduated. I know, I know, I still owe you that graduation post. There are still a few more blog posts to go before I can squeeze that in.

Isaac and I went to dine at The Clean Plate before yet another thesis meeting. Before we ate, we had a photoshoot right outside of the restaurant. My food post on dining there was blogged on a separate post entitled The Clean Plate.

Surprisingly my hair seems to be doing fine in these photos despite it taking place during the last few stressful weeks of school. 

The amount of all-black dresses that reside in my closet is very limited, but I really like this one because of the many details it possesses.

The sole reason as to why I seldom wear this dress is because of its short length. It was only now that I thought of pairing my rose skirt with it. Now, I can stop worrying about my dress flying away.

Remember my Secret Garden post? I mentioned something about another kimono from Fabjat Collection, well here it is. I also wore this kimono on my Tokyo Tonteki post.

This kimono’s print is really nice and at a closer inspection, you would notice that the black colored portion of the aztec print was somewhat translucent.

There was a shorter version of this kimono but I prefer my kimonos long and flowy.

This sheer kimono may be different from my usual style of kimonos but I liked it nonetheless. Based on the pictures I saw online, I initially thought that this black and white kimono was more cream than white but it was actually very white and I thought that it would be best to pair it with something black as to complement its whiteness.

Fabjat Collection black and white aztec print sheer kimono; Mango black dress; Romwe pink rose skirt; Romwe bunny bag; nude pumps