For my grandmother’s 80th birthday, we celebrated over at Gloria Maris. Gloria Maris is the go-to place for most Chinese residing in Metro Manila who are in search of a venue for large gatherings such as reunions, special birthdays and such. Aside from the good Chinese food, Gloria Maris is perfect for large gatherings because of their numerous VIP rooms, perfect for special occasions.

The dinnerware was gorgeous, the plates, cups and pots were adorned with gold accents.

We had cold cuts for starters. It had chicken, pork asado, jellyfish, fried lobster roll and fruit salad which was placed below the fried lobster roll.

I liked the roll which seemed like fried lobster roll but I was disappointed because there were no century eggs.

Their steamed live shrimp was simply scrumptious. I liked how chewy it was.

The skin was, in some way, easier to remove than usual.

Their misua contained shrimp, scrambled eggs, quail eggs, mushrooms, vegetables and nuts.

Our servers that day were very attentive and friendly. They even made jokes and posed for the camera. The bottomline is that the service is simply excellent. They even assisted me while I was taking photos of the food. They rotated the plate so that the plate would face me the right way and they even removed the serving spoon and fork so I can take better shots of the food.

Their hot and sour soup was delicious but even more so with black vinegar.

I think that their mini taro basket with prawn and scallop looks so cute.

The dish was adorned with a cute yellow bird perched on a sprig of parsley.

It comes with two sauces, one of which was Chinese bagoong sauce that had scallop inside, not sure if I heard it right though.

It was scallop, shrimp and vegetables encased in a basket of taro puff which usually costs 280 pesos per piece.

For vegetables, we had spinach.

Sea cucumber with black shitake mushrooms was served as well but I am not a fan of sea cucumbers so I decided against trying some.

The steamed sea bass with tong choi was delicious, especially with their sauce.

In front of the hot taho is a plate full of red bean mochi. The regular price of a large serving of hot taho is 300 pesos.

The birthday lotus pao looks a lot like super pink peaches. At regular price, it costs 38 pesos per piece.

We ordered a set meal which is why I do not have prices labeled for most of the dishes. Some of the items on our set meal were seasonal which explains why I cannot find them on the regular menu.

Gloria Maris Shark’s Fin Restaurant is located at Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan City.