I found this winter wonderland, or more like Winter Garden, tucked away in the bustling streets of Katipunan. This garden full of fun serves liquid nitrogen desserts, they are not your ordinary ice cream parlor.

When I think about liquid nitrogen, I think about the chemistry experiment we had before, which was to make ice cream by utilizing liquid nitrogen. I also think about all those science fiction movies which involves cryogenics. Using liquid nitrogen in food preparation is part of the scope of molecular gastronomy.

At the forefront of their counter is a line of cute jars filled with their ingredients.

One of the key highlights in eating there is the experience of liquid nitrogen, you get to watch ice cream made right in front of you complete with smokes for special effects.

Behind me is a shelf full of mini sky blue buckets as well as a watering can which complements their garden theme.

We ordered the snow blooms (65 pesos for selfie and 125 pesos for bff) which includes a set of your childhood sweets and biscuits along with a mini sky blue bucket filled with liquid nitrogen.

You do not actually get to play with liquid nitrogen, unless you order one of the winter’s breath selections.

Our order had more selections of sweets as compared to its usual servings because they were short on one of the sweets so they had to replace it with a different kind.

The liquid nitrogen made the sweets so much yummier and much more enjoyable to eat.

We ordered a combination of Omnomnom and St. Nick’s favorite.

The nitrogen desserts or “ice cream that instantly freezes in a flash using -320 degrees Fahrenheit liquid nitrogen, cold as your coldest winter, soft as a snow” costs 120 for single scoop, 195 for twin scoops and 215 for combination.

Isaac went with the Omnomnom (says the Cookie Monster). It was delicious but nothing special, it was a safe choice because you cannot go wrong with oreo. It was a classic cookies and cream order.

It had bits of oreos mixed inside as well as half an oreo placed on top of the ice cream.

I ordered the St. Nick’s Favorite. I got excited while reading the ingredients and the description because it sounded like a yummy combination. I was right, it was delicious, the cinnamon flavor was oh-so-glorious. It kind of felt like I was eating a gingerbread ice cream, it reminded me of Christmas. Isaac agreed that I got the better order.

If you ever get thirsty, you can grab a cup of water, they have a pitcher of water and a couple of plastic cups nestled on a tray.

I really liked their hanging lights, it looks especially nice at night. For me, dining at night is one of the best times to enjoy the ambiance.

Now that the temperature is rising, I thought that now would be the perfect time to share with you this food post. I think I went here around last December while the weather was still nice and cold but now that summer has come, it is time to beat the heat.

Last time I went here, they were not serving savoury food yet. However, they do serve them now and some of the hot food choices comes with unlimited rice or unlimited iced tea.

We ate here after our meeting with my thesis mates as well as after we had our Get Lei’d photoshoot!

You can check them out on 299 Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City. They are located across Ateneo, beside National Book Store and at the back of Ersao.