“Took A Walk On The Clouds, Fell Asleep On The Moon.” ― Jake Miller
As surprising as this may sound, this photoshoot took place around 6 o’ clock, when the sun was starting to set. My pictures of Isaac were taken when the sun had already set, when the sky had already turned dark. I thought it would be a good idea to do so because the temperature was way cooler at that time as compared to in the afternoon. The photos were supposed to be darker but I editted them in order to shed some light.

The faux fur lining on the hood felt really nice and soft. It was one of the main reasons why I chose this navy coat, I had always wanted a coat with a faux fur lined hood.

I like how the coat feels nice and comfortable, but it would feel even more so if the weather was much colder.

In the picture above, it kind of looks like I have a tail attached to my rear but the fox tail is actually attached to my quilted satchel bag.

I really liked how the faux fur hood looked when worn, its soft touch reminds me of my fluffy stuffed toys. In a way, it kind of makes me feel fluffy.

I have had this fox tail accessory with me for quite a while now and it was only now that I felt like using it. I thought that it would look cute with my faux fur hooded coat, and it did!

Contrary to what I originally believed, wearing this coat was not as hot as it looks. It was probably thanks to the quilted satin lining on the sleeves. Each time I wore this coat, I could feel the coolness emanating from the satin lining.

This shot sort of shows a “behind the scenes” sneak peek. Isaac took this shot of me while I was deciding on which pair of tights I should complement with this outfit. As you can see in this picture, I was wearing my floral embroidered tights which I wore on my Back to School in Pastels outfit. Eventually, I settled on wearing my cat tights from my Lacy Cat outfit.

Romwe navy faux fur hooded knit lined coat; cream lace tank top; pink scallop hem skorts; black cat tights; blue and brown oxfords; black and white quilted satchel bag