Adventure Time!
It’s adventure time with my new dress from NewDress! I apologize for consecutively repeating the black tights and oxfords combo, I just like it that much! Rest assured that the next outfit post will be a little different.

But first, have a break, have a Kitkat.

Sorry, but I could not resist saying that. Anyway, if you are a fan of Adventure Time like me, then you must agree that this dress is just the cutest! I saw this dress design on the internet a couple of months ago and I am just so happy that I was finally able to get my hands on it.

Choke full of vibrant characters from Adventure Time, the print is noticeably of high quality. It looks as if the print will last a long time as long as you do not use bleach on it.

By the way, this dress is also reversible, the backside features a different neckline.

Due to its stretchability, this dress takes on an A-line dress shape as well as pleats on the skirt area.

Get your fashion party started with NewDress! They offer all kinds of fashionable items but because of their name, I decided to go for a new dress! From time to time, they hold a special sale such as their “amazingly cheap” $0.01 sale which is one of their biggest sales.

NewDress colorful Adventure Time print pleated dress; mint riveted asymmetrical jacket; Zaful black tights; H&M pink oxfords