“Life Is A Celebration… Enjoy A Bowl!”
During one of my long breaks at school, I decided to walk all the way to Sikatuna Village, which is located near Maginhawa. Upon my search for interesting food, I stumbled upon Bowl and Brew. Bowl and Brew was a bowl-themed restaurant with a concept revolving around Lucban specialty.

Adorned on the ceiling was a vast collection of bowls with all sorts of designs.

Having bowls for chairs was a delightful touch.

The kamote kahoy (125 pesos) came with vinegar and black pepper sauce. It was made from kamote flour and had red pepper, garlic and spring onion as well as garnished with parsley. I would say it was sweet inside as well as crunchy and chewy at the same time. Simply put, it was scrumptious.

The atchara and the vinegar with black pepper go with the tuyo flakes (185 pesos). Consuming the tuyo flakes with the vinegar tasted better. Their atchara is delicious, the sweetness is balanced with the sourness with a hint of spiciness. The atchara eliminated the hint of bitterness found in the tuyo flakes. The symphony of flavors from the combination of atchara and tuyo flakes was sensational.

Isaac usually does not like tuyo but their tuyo was an exception, because it was so delicious. Its crunchiness was just so appetizing. The taste made up for it being the most expensive dish among the Lucban specialty. Isaac said that mixing the tuyo flakes and rice as well as adding vinegar to the mix created a delicious combination.

We asked the server if we could pay for additional atchara and she was nice enough to give us another generous serving, they do not charge for additional atchara.

Our receipt was handed to us in a bowl.

Bowl and Brew is located at Unit 1 131, V. Luna Road Ext. Sikatuna Village, Quezon City. Their delivery number is 799-9410. It is not hard to miss this restaurant as it is decorated with a huge bowl.