Tucked away behind the bustling streets of Katipunan, La Creperie is a cafe specializing in crepes. For couples, La Creperie is the perfect place for a date night near school. For crepe lovers, it is a haven for specialty crepes with fine ingredients, scrumptious taste and a French touch.

With hanging lights, street lamps, vines, stone walls and more vintage pieces, the ambience goes perfectly with their food. The wine bottles lined along the wooden plank is a nice touch.

Despite the all-white theme of the chairs and tables, there are some chairs that are blue and have a more vintage and elegant feel.

On the cover of their menu, an establishment with a quaint, homey and hearty feel can be found. The first floor of the drawing shows some resemblance to the exterior of La Creperie.

Aside from the crepes, what I wanted to try was their tea. They had all sorts of tea from TWG branded teas as well as their own exclusive tea blends.

We ordered the Paris-Singapore, “a distinguished TWG green tea enhanced fragrant cherry blossoms and red fruits. A sensual and sweet tea of reminiscence.” We ordered a large pot of Paris-Singapore (240 pesos), it had unlimited refills.

Refreshing and with the taste and aroma of fragrant flowers, this tea is perfect for those who love all things fragrant which is why I could not get enough of it. I absolutely love their tea. It felt like I was consuming the scent itself, the tea was just so fragrant. However, at the third refill, the taste was not the same, it was less intense and less flavorful as compared to the first pot of tea.

Ah, crepes and unlimited tea, a perfect way to spend one of my last night outs as a senior.

Coco Crepe-aroon (185 pesos) is “a fragrant combination of dulce de leche, sweetened coconut, fresh lemon juice and lemon zest.” A delightfully sweet dessert, their coco crepe-aroon is a must-try for those who love coconut desserts. The chewy crepe, sweet sauce and yummy coconut flakes is a lovely combination, it is simple but sweet tooth worthy. Their coconut crepe was such a sweet treat. Isaac and I kept fighting over who gets the next bite.

If their crepes sucrees or sweet crepes do not appeal to your taste, you could always try their make your own dessert crepes. Step one only has the basic crepe (95 pesos), step two is where you choose your fruit and step three is where you add toppings. The prices for the fruits and toppings varies on which you choose.

Our choice of galette or savory crepe, was the crevette (295 pesos) which is “shrimp, crab roe (aligue) and spinach in b├ęchamel sauce. I must admit that it was the thought of crab roe with b├ęchamel sauce that pushed me to choose this tempting crepe despite its price. I must say that I was relieved to find out that my choice did not fail me. Scrumptiously savoury is what I would call this crepe.

The shrimp crepe tasted like shrimp bisque. The salad was delicious and the salad dressing was well seasoned. The taste of fresh pepper with the crevette crepe was delicious so be sure to accept the offer of the server when she asks you if you would like fresh pepper on your cruvette crepe. This savory crepe was on the salty side which made it a good contrast to our sweet crepe.

At first, Isaac was skeptical about eating savoury crepes since he had never tried it before, however, I was a fan of savory crepe so I made sure that he tried one and when he did, he had no more qualms about eating savory crepes because he ended up liking the taste.

Overall, the food was good but a little too heavy for a student’s pocket but nonetheless perfect for special occasions. You can find La Creperie at 88 Esteban Abada Street, Loyola Heights, Quezon City.