Ever since my family and I dined at Tajimaya, I became a fan of eating meat buffets. I have always wanted to try K-Pub BBQ Restaurant but I always thought that it was a little heavy for my pocket. I was unaware that they had so many options, I just assumed that they only had one rate which was the Eat and Run where you can eat your fill of their unlimited meats for an hour for 499 pesos.

I was finally able to dine at K-Pub when I found a voucher. For 999 pesos, two people can avail over 20 kinds of their unlimited dishes for four hours.

Appetizers include kimchi, mashed sweet potato, anchovy, tofu, kimchi cabbage and bean sprouts.

One of my favorite appetizers was the mashed sweet potato with corn sprinkled with black sesame seeds, it was delightfully sweet and delicious. I am glad that Isaac told me to try their mashed potato because it was made from sweet potato, otherwise, I would not have found out about this treat!

Coupled with the meat were sauces namely the sweet and spicy chojang, the K-Pub signature sauce and the soy mustard based sauce with onions.

Nestled on top of the kimchi-pajeon or kimchi pancake was a steamed egg.

The house salad is refillable and a must-try, especially for salad lovers.

Availing of their unlimited iced tea costs 50 pesos.

I like that the calamari was only served in small amounts. Because the dishes had small servings, we are able to taste everything and we did not have to worry about not being able to finish them. Isaac definitely enjoyed the calamari, it was unlike other calamari that usually had a taste that you would easily get tired of.

Try eating your beef with salad or kimchi. When Isaac tried doing so he said that it tasted better with salad. Doing so refreshed his palate because eating too much of the same thing, which in this case was meat, can sometimes lead you to easily tire of the taste. After a while, they showed a video of exactly what I was telling Isaac. They call it ssam wherein they dip the meat in the sauce then wrap the meat in the lettuce along with kimchi or rice.

The cream dory was sweet and delicious.

I mixed my bibimbap while Isaac did not. He told me that he did not know that it should be mixed. When Isaac tasted the bibimbap that I mixed he said it tasted better since the flavors became incorporated with each other. I like how the rice became crispy because of the hot plate.

Isaac said he perished from eating just the kimchi because it was so spicy. I told him that he should have eaten it along with something with a more neutral taste like what I did with my beef with tofu and kimchi. It tasted delicious. Watching korean telenovelas sure came in handy.

My favorite meat among the selection was the marinated pork belly, Isaac’s favorite was the marinated beef rib.

My mom thought that they only served meat since they were a barbeque restaurant. However, they also serve salad, shrimp, fish, pizza, calamari, mashed sweet potato, chapchae and korean sushi (kimbap). You can also avail one of their free ice cream which was melona. To avail one of the premium ice cream, you need to add 25 pesos.

I like eating my pizza folded. I find it easier to eat plus I can easily dip it in one of the sauce that way.

You can order as much sikhye (rice punch) as you want. It came in a shot glass and it was topped with a red date.

Finally, you get to see me wearing my Fashion Republik in K-Pub! It has been months since I told you that I wore this shirt to K-Pub. I chose this black shirt because it was perfect for dining at a barbeque joint where things could get messy.

I absolutely enjoyed dining at K-Pub, we definitely had our tummy’s fill but it was not a place we could regularly dine at because of the price. I think it is best to dine there for special occassions unless a voucher becomes available once again. 

K-Pub is located at third floor of Trinoma Mall, Quezon City.