Ah, Persian food, my tummy would really like some right now especially after staring at these photos I took a while back. My trip to Mandi Persian Grill is yet another food adventure which Isaac and I walked to. After dining at Bowl and Brew, we walked around and found this nice place that served affordable Persian meals. We decided to grab a bite before heading back to school to meet with my thesis groupmates.

You can order your food at the counter.

There are menus placed on each table.

While waiting for our order, Isaac and I saw some interesting ornaments such as the gold Persian tea set and that other thing which seemed like some sort of grinder.

The dining area may seem small from the outside, however, there is a door leading to a larger dining area downstairs.

The water dispenser and the utensils are located at the dining area below.

With tables fit for around six people, the dining area below seems to be tailored for diners who come in groups.

Time for the menu.

Mandi Persian Grill prides in serving authentic Persian flavor. Before reading about the food, Mandi introduces themselves first in the menu, they talk about the origin and meaning of Mandi.

For appetizers, they serve hummus, mutabal, baba ganoush, beef keema and Mandip trio, all of which comes with a free glass of iced tea (available for dine-in only). Except for the grilled chicken drumstick or thigh with Mandi rice dish, all the Mandi budget meals come with unlimited rice and a glass of iced tea.

Each of the Mandi budget rice bowl meals costs 65 pesos each.

You can also choose to order ala carte such as their Mandi rice which costs 25 pesos.

Among the three choices of Mandi budget rice bowl meal, our choice was the pork rice bowl (65 pesos). Essentially, the pork rice bowl were strips of grilled pork and cubes of tomatoes topped on Mandi rice. The Mandi rice was good, we tasted tumeric as well as the distinct flavor of ginger. The pork was a little bit tough but nonetheless, acceptable.

According to Isaac, their large beef shawarma (85 pesos) was a bit different from other shawarmas, mainly because of their sauce. It was different but definitely in a good way.

Mandi Persian Grill is located at 120 Maginhawa Street, Teacher’s Village East, Diliman, Quezon City. If you are familiar with the Burger Project, then you can easily spot Mandi since they are located near each other. You can also contact Mandi at 799-9387.