Summer is right around the corner and I was feeling a little nostalgic over our beach camping last year where Isaac and I along with a couple of friends went to camp at Burot Beach. It was my first time going on an overnight outing with my friends. Camping at Burot Beach was an unforgettable experience, since I rarely spend my vacation outdoors.

Taking a bus from Taft, Buendia to Nasugpo, Lian costs around P142. After stopping by at the 7-Eleven store, we grabbed a tricycle to Burot Beach for a total of P400, although it did seem overpriced. On the way to Burot Beach via tricycle, we stopped by a lot of detours like the wet market in Lian where we bought a kilo of assorted small fishes for P100. Also, we stopped along a small hut to buy bundles of small firewood for P15 per bundle.

The place had an entrance fee of P20 which is inclusive of a garbage bag and a day tour fee of P80 but spending the night at Burot Beach costs P130. Firewood can be bought at the store for P200 but I recommend buying the P15 bundles we bought from the outside. A small plastic of ice can be bought for P20 at the store, you can also choose to buy tube ice at the 7-Eleven store at Lian.

We were unable to take the boat tour but taking the tour costs P100 per person.

Tents can be rented at the store for P300 which are good for 3 people while the P400 tents are good for 4 people. Nipa huts or cottages can be rented for P800.

Good thing we brought a sleeping bag because despite having a tent, the floor was still too hard.

Isaac grilled the small fishes we bought from the wet market at Lian for our lunch. Lunch can be bought at the store at Burot Beach, rice costs P15 while the side dishes costs P50. Breakfast can be bought at the store as well. One of the things we wished we brought was more food like canned goods or cup noodles. We could have heated water through our makeshift grill made from firewood, aluminum foil and charcoal. Bringing powdered drinks might have been nice too since the store sells 1.75L of coke or sprite for P80.

Burot Beach was rich in marine life, crawling through the sands were tiny crabs.

Sea urchins and starfish can be found in the sea at Burot Beach.

Smores and hotdogs would have a good idea for the bonfire at night.

After riding the tricycle at P50 per head on the way back to Calatagan City, we rode a jeep to Nasugpo for P40 per pax. We went through a lot of detours before riding the bus but you can already ride the bus at Nasugpo. Instead of heading back to Buendia, we spontaneously decided to head over to Tagaytay. Our destination? Sonya’s Garden.

My choice of outfit for camping at the beach was an all white outfit. Wearing white is good for the heat and wearing loose clothes helps as well. Florals were what I was in the mood for.

Aside from the all white outfit I was wearing in this photo, I also brought my crochet top which I wore in my The Drowsy Damsel Dreams post. Finally, I had the chance to bring it to the beach where I really wanted to wear it.

Pull & Bear white floral loose shirt; Rosegal white floral voile high waist skirt