After a week long of work, de-stressing at The Cream Factory’s Blogger Spa Party was such a treat! Upon entering The Real Deal Company’s building, an array of neatly packaged natural products by The Cream Factory will greet you. A lingering fragrance of various ingredients lightly wafts through the air, reminding me of, well, bath time.

The company building was only two days old so we were their first guests.

A choice of hand scrub and foot scrub was presented to their guests in their VIP room.

My choice was the foot scrub, I chose the salty scrub rather than the creamy scrub. The foot scrub followed by a foot massage and finished off with wine was Heaven. To my surprise, my legs had a nice sheen after a thorough foot scrub from the lovely Ms. Donna. The experience was definitely a treat!

Members of The Cream Factory have such great perks, aside from the hand and foot scrub, an awesome Jacuzzi Room awaits those who wish to try out products from The Cream Factory. Currently, their Jacuzzi Room has a sauna.

For those feeling bold, a shower in the midst of nature awaits.

After the spa service, food was served.

“Just the smell of it, you will love the product.”

According to Ms. Tina Fuentes, one of the shareholders, their products are almost 99% natural. They don’t want to label it as organic because they still use preservatives to prolong the life of the product. They use ingredients from all over the world such as their main ingredient, goat’s milk straight from the Netherlands as well as Spanish almond oil, Brazilian acai berry, French lavender and more! The goat’s milk with almond with sounds divine. Yes, their products are made from goat’s milk, perfect for those with dry and sensitive skin!

Angelia Ong, Miss Earth 2015, shares with us that using products from The Cream Factory not only takes care of your skin but at the same time, you are also taking care of the Earth.

The Cream Factory experience is definitely a unique one, their company seems like a spa because they have a spa inside the building. What sets them apart from other direct selling companies is the experience they offer, people can experience the products either through a foot scrub, hand scrub or a nice long shower at their locker room. You don’t just get to try the product, you get to experience the product first before buying.

A huge thank you to Ms. Ched for the invite and the tour and another huge thank you to Ms. Tina for telling me all about The Cream Factory’s products, I had such a blast! As for my readers, stay tuned as I share with you my The Cream Factory experience, I am definitely excited to try more of their products.

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