It’s true that once you smell The Cream Factory’s product, you’ll love it. As someone who loves to shower surrounded by a fragrant scent, The Cream Factory was surely a delight during shower time. Being able to bathe with products made from real goat milk from the Netherlands was a fantastic treat.

Beauty products that are natural usually earn my support. However, one of the woes with some of the natural products that I have encountered is that they lack in fragrance, sure most of them smell great but it is not enough for me who is such a big fan of perfumes. Which is why I was surprised to hear that products from The Cream Factory are almost 99% natural because it just smells so divine. Their natural ingredients come from all over the world. Bath time has never smelled this wonderful!

I have already tried the salty scrub at the spa party, thanks to the rock salt crystals, the salty scrub sure gives a thorough scrub. The alluring scent must come from one of its ingredients, witch hazel.


After a long day of folding dumplings with Isaac, waking up with a good pampering from the Goat’s Milk and Jojoba Scrub-in-a-Tub scrubbed my woes away. My tired hands were gently scrubbed thanks to the finely ground walnut in the mix.

One of the first questions I asked Ms. Donna from the spa party was what was the difference of the salty scrub and the creamy scrub. Both produces the same beneficial effects, it’s just a difference of how you like your scrub, gently scrubbed or thoroughly scrubbed. Also, the creamy scrub does not need much water unlike the salty scrub, as you can see in the video.

As I mentioned in my Spa Party at The Cream Factory post, the almond and goat milk bath cream appealed to me. Luckily, it was one of the goodies that I took home from the Spa Party. Upon opening the cute bottle, which looks like one of those classic milk bottles, a heavenly scent of sweetness filled the air, much like the scent of something fruity such as lychee. I was excited to give it a try.

The yogurt bath cream had a more fragrant scent while the almond bath cream gave off a sweeter scent. Also, if you look closely at the video, both bath creams were translucent and only slightly differed in color. The yogurt bath cream had a pinkish tint while the almond oil bath cream had an orange-ish tint. The bath cream created some lather while filling the bathroom with a sweet scent, much like dessert. This dessert for the skin was truly a luxurious one. Upon closer inspection, the more I smelled the Almond Bath Cream, the less it smelled sweet and the more it smelled nutty.

The Saforelle gentle cleansing care has a transparent yellowish color, the smell is soothing, not exactly fragrant but quite relaxing. Surprisingly, this intimate wash can create a rich lather. In my case, the product did not irritate my skin at all.

Pardon my first attempt in creating a video for my blog, it has definitely been a while since I had attempted to produce a video. I have to study up on how to use Premiere. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoyed it! Anyway, their products do leave the skin feeling smoother and gives the skin lingering fragrance, even Isaac said that the products smelled so good after giving it a try himself.

More Information
TCF Bath Cream 7.5fl oz - P480
TCF Bath Cream 26fl oz - P1080
TCF Salty Scrub - P1250
TCF Creamy Scrub - P1000
TCF Triple Treat Bundle Pack - P1380

Saforelle 60ml - P180
Saforelle 100ml - P250

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You may also choose to experience their products at their office through a nice relaxing shower or a thorough pampering via spa service like I did in their The Cream Factory Blogger Spa Party.