After four years of amazing colored shade of true blue, it’s time for me to go “down from the hill, down to the world go I.”

I spent the few hours before graduation. He was the one who photographed me in my toga and my dress.

Why exactly did I choose this black and brown dress for my graduation? Aside it from being comfortable and a good way to hide my tummy, I found this sheer two-piece dress a perfect fit to my idea of a formal dress, brown and black with a side of glitz and pleats.

The day started out like any other day. The feeling of excitement and anxiety had yet to dawn over me. Even amongst a sea of blue, the feeling of finally graduating had yet to sink in. But when it did hit me, I took a deep breath and moved forward, allowing a wave of calmness to come over me and coax all uneasiness away.

This post has been long overdue, almost a year has passed since the day I graduated and I have been feeling a little nostalgic, probably because I might be visiting the school again some time soon.

Romwe black and brown sheer two-piece pleated dress; black pointed heels; black bunny quilted bag; graduation medallion; Blue toga