Before leaving the Ateneo, I wanted to give Don Day barbeque and buffet a try since I heard so much about it. From what I heard, the food was good and reasonably priced. At that time, the pork samgyupsal lunch buffet costs P299. I dined at the branch in front of Maginhawa Street the first time but around last year, I and Isaac dined at the Timog branch and we were a bit disappointed, I kind of remembered my dining experience to be better at the Teachers Village branch.

Their fried dumplings were enjoyable, it contained sotanghon noodles, giving it an extra chewiness. Spring onion cakes, kimchi cakes and pumpkin cakes are just a few of the food selections.

Instructions on how to make bibimbap are posted on the bibimbap station. The steamed rice can be taken from the main buffet spread and the mixed vegetables can be selected from the bibimbap station. Add some sesame oil and chili paste to the mix and you’re done, you can enjoy it with a side dish or some soup.

Corn soup, kimchi soup and pumpkin soup were the soups that were served that day.

Their bibimyun or korean spaghetti was spicy.

When you grill the pork belly, try grilling it with the sesame oil with salt and pepper sauce as well as with garlic cloves. After cooking the pork belly, try dipping the meat into the mildly spicy orange-colored paste. The soy sauce with chili can be used for the meat as well.

Unlimited refill of red iced tea costs P50.

For my bibimbap, I chose carrots, bean sprouts, daikon, cabbage and a generous amount of seaweed.

Just like a Tajimaya post, I had a lot of fun mixing and matching vegetables with the grilled pork belly.

Don Day Korean Restaurant is located at 40 Malingap Street, Teachers Village, Quezon City.