Dear Dreamers

Are you sick and tired of those stalls selling “takoyaki” but are plain disgusting. Okay, not all are disgusting but I recently encountered one at Cubao which made me really disappointed because I love takoyaki and you barely see me rant about food. Thanks to that experience, I really appreciate this takoyaki discovery.

I quoted the word takoyaki above because most of these stalls do not even have octopus in their takoyaki which is weird because tako means octopus. They do not even have squid.

So, which takoyaki stall was I talking about? Goruden Takoyaki sells delicious and affordable takoyaki, it only costs P30 for 4 pieces. You might say that some stalls sell takoyaki for the same price, but this stall’s takoyaki has real bonito flakes and seaweed flakes.

Bonito flakes are those sheet-thin brown flakes which look like they are moving, these bonito flakes add umami flavor to the takoyaki. Other stalls sell their takoyaki with pork floss but of course, bonito flakes are best.

As for the octopus, they don’t have one in the takoyaki, they have a lot!

Aside from the bonito flakes, seaweed flakes and octopus, their real Japanese mayo, pickled ginger and okonomiyaki sauce sets them apart for having real Japanese ingredients. You can also opt to have chili powder which Isaac loves. What more can you ask for?

They also sell P10 Obanyaki. Yes, you heard it right, it’s only P10! Now, it’s not the best obanyaki ever but it sure fills up the tummy. Obanyaki is usually filled with lots of filling like cheese, chocolate or red bean. I tried Goruden’s cheese variant, it was okay, not a lot of cheese but still okay.

Takoyaki P30/4 pcs
Kani Salad P80
Obanyaki P10/1 pc
Sushi P80
Gyoza P80/6 pcs
Green Tea/Iced Tea (P10 - 8 oz) (P15 - 16oz)

They are located at the Stalls 7 & 8 in BFCT East Terminal Exhibition Center, Marikina City. They are open from 5PM to 2AM. BFCT is a bus terminal in Marikina City where there’s a food court and a night market. When you reach BFCT, ask around where the night market is located.

They are also open at 60 G. Del Pilar Street, Parang, Marikina City at 8AM to 9PM.