Dear Dreamers
Who doesn’t love chocolate milk? Chocolate milk brings forth fond childhood memories and a drink of it will surely fight off the burden of stress. Yes, chocolate milk is one of the few drinks that a majority can enjoy, but what makes chocolate milk so loved by most?

You could say that it’s because we got so used to the feeling of indulging in the delight that is chocolate milk since we grew up with it. It could be because we love chocolates so much or it could be that it simply has taken a soft spot in our hearts and has become a nostalgic stress reliever.

As for me, I love chocolate milk. The more chocolate-y, the better. One chocolate milk has gotten my attention, and I mean really gotten my attention.

I first encountered Jolly Cow while I was pregnant last year. I had been craving for my favorite oats cereal, Simply Cereal. I was with my mom then and she was the one who pointed out that there was a promo pack of Simply Cereal that came with a free 1L Jolly Cow.

Back then, I tried the whole milk variant and I was recently introduced to the chocolate variant. The verdict? I absolutely loved it, I felt like it tasted super chocolate-y that even I doubted my thoughts about it. I got a second opinion from my husband. I asked him about the taste and he told me that it was richer in the flavor of chocolate as compared to other local milk brands that we have tried.

I’m not sure about the price but if I remember correctly, the price ranges from P70 to P72. I will have to double check again.

Jolly Cow is distributed by Fly Ace Corporation and is available in major groceries and supermarkets nationwide. It comes in one liter and 200 ml tetra pack sizes.

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