Innisfree My Hair Recipe Repairing Hair Sleeping Pack Review

Bleaching, perming, relaxing, and styling can cause hair damage, weakening the hair. For those who don't have time for lengthy hair care routine then a hair sleeping pack is the perfect solution. The Innisfree My Hair Recipe Sleeping Pack promises to moisturize the hair while sleeping, coating it with hair nourishing oil.

No need to wash off
Initially, I was going to use a hair cap before going to sleep but I found no need to because the sleeping hair pack was light on the hair as opposed to how a regular hair pack felt heavy and greasy on the hair. It's sort of a leave-in conditioner where you don't need to wash off the product which is perfect for those who take showers at night instead of the morning.

It leaves the hair with a lightly fragrant scent that's simply lovely to smell. I sort of smell a hint of nutty smell which is probably because of the macadamia ingredient.

After 2 hours of applying the hair sleeping pack on my hair, my hair feels soft and smooth. The most noticeable difference is my bangs where it usually looks super damaged but now, it was tamed and moisturized.

It nourishes the hair without weighing it down. I only used a small amount of the product since I thought that the packaging was a little small compared to other hair packs, but essentially, you don't need to use a lot of it unless you have really long hair. It's better to let the sleeping pack sit in your hair for a few minutes before lying down on your bed.

Key Ingredients
Jeju Soybean Complex: The natural protein provides elasticity and radiance to the hair.
Oil Complex: Argan oil, jojoba oil, and macadamia oil provides intense nourishment to damaged hair.

My mom bought this for P790 at Innisfree Philippines.


  1. wow ang ganda nmn po nyan.ok n ok khit gabi na gamitin

  2. Perfect ito momshie sa mga mahilig magpaayos ng buhok. Ang ganda ng result niya.


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