23 Years Old Black Paint Rubar Cleansing Stick Review

Promising easy cleansing, the Black Paint Rubar gives everyday cleansing a deep cleanse on top of pore treatment utilizing a gentle formula packed into one handy multi-purpose stick-type-cleanser. This is yet another goodie I got from The Istana grand launch.

Key Ingredients
2% Charcoal

Controls sebum
Removes dead skin
Removes blackhead and whitehead
Improves skin texture

Perfect for
Blackheads and whiteheads
Oily Skin
Those who don’t want to use hands in cleansing
Those who like using soaps instead of liquid cleansers

You can directly apply water onto the Black Paint Rubar stick and use it to cleanse your face but I prefer applying the water directly onto my face. If you like using soaps but you don’t have a soap container or if you always end up getting the soap broken into two, then a stick cleanser is perfect for you. Especially since when it comes to using soaps, part of the product goes to your hands whereas when you use a stick cleanser, all of the product goes directly onto your face.

I don’t have blackheads so I can’t tell if it can get rid of blackheads but on the upside, after using the product, my skin looked and felt clean so at least I can say that it can prevent blackheads. I tried using it only on my nose but you can actually use it on the entire face.

Black Paint Rubar (45g) is priced at P799 at The Istana.