Got Oily, Acne-Prone Skin? Here Are 5 Beauty Products You Should Stop Using

For years my oily, acne-prone skin had plagued me, it was only until recently when I got into beauty blogging that I’ve been free from having too oily skin. After making small changes to my skincare routine over time, my oily skin started to look less greasy and less greasy and it was only until a few months ago that I’ve noticed the huge difference compared to the greasy skin I had during my teen years.

Looking back at the skincare routine that I had as a teen, I realize now that it is no wonder that I had really greasy skin because I’ve been using all the wrong products. I had been using all 5 of the beauty products listed down below and if you have oily skin like I do, it’s best you avoid them.

1. Nose pore strips
Promising a blackhead-free and whitehead-free nose, it can definitely be tempting to use these, especially since it looks so convenient to use. The satisfaction from ripping those “whiteheads” from your nose is far too tempting. However, what you might think are blackheads might actually be your sebaceous filaments which is something your skin needs and by stripping your skin of these, you can actually cause it to go overdrive in producing more oil to replace the lost natural oils. Read more about Still using nose pore strips? Here’s why you should stop using them.

What to use: Blackhead sticks
If your aim is to get rid of blackheads, try products that helps keep blackheads away by addressing the root cause. After-all, prevention is key.

2. Oil blotting papers
Given that you want your face to look oil-free, oil blotting papers can seem like a no-brainer. I’ve always felt that the more I used these, the oilier my face had become. Surprise-surprise, I was right. By wiping away all of the oil from my face, my skin had gone into production mode, producing more oil for the lost ones.

What to use: oil control powder
Personally, I feel like I don’t need to use this on a regular basis since my skin no longer looks that oily. However, if I have an extra special event, I would consider using one and I like my Banchic powder spray because it also moisturizes my skin.

3. Harsh cleansers
For obvious reasons, harsh cleansers definitely won’t do your oily skin any good. A few years ago, harsh cleansers were all I had despite knowing that my skin definitely didn’t like it, I had no other choice back then. I hated that squeaky clean feeling I had on my face, it always felt like it was too dry. Today, gentle cleansers have taken center-stage so I probably don’t need to tell you what to use.

 What to use: Cleansing Oil
Although there are numerous gentle cleansers out there, I still prefer using cleansing oils because cleansing oils washes away all the bad stuff but leave behind all the good stuff. 

4. harsh, alcohol-based toners or astringents 
Time to ditch those alcohol-based astringents because these can dry out your skin and worsen acne (yikes).

What to use: Essence toners
A better alternative to using alcohol-based toners are essence toners, these prep your skin for better absorption of your other skincare products while giving it the moisture it needs.

5. Greasy Foundations
You know the kind of foundation that seem to clog up your pores? Avoid those and let your skin breathe. Greasy foundations are definitely not doing your oily, acne-prone skin any favors.

What to use: Oil-free foundations or cushion compacts
You can opt for oil-free foundations but I prefer using Korean cushion compacts which are lightweight and help keep my skin shine-free.

What I currently use: none
I used to use cushions a lot but recently, I've been pretty contented with using just my sunscreen. The Petal Velvet Sunaway works wonders for my skin so I don't feel like I need to use makeup because this sunscreen gives my skin a pinkish powdery look that I adore.

In summary, it's best to avoid products that clog your pores and strip it of its natural oils.

6. Comedogenic moisturizers
Update: I forgot to add this one (lol). Avoid moisturizers that clog your pores, opt for non-comedogenic ones. Try water-based moisturizers rather than oil-based moisturizers, but personally, I love using serums.

How about you, do you still use any of these?


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