23 Years Old Badecasil Dermaseal Sheet Mask Review

Today’s review is yet another skin care item I got from The Istana’s grand launch, the 23 Years Old Badecasil Dermaseal sheet mask. I wanted to keep it for a bit longer because I like the matte packaging it came with. It was fun to feel the smooth, matte feeling. I would probably keep the packaging with me for a while longer.

Key Ingredients
Betain Salicylate: Calms the skin.
Tea Tree Extract: Tightens the pores.
Hydrolized Egg Shell Membrane: Improves damaged skin.

Relieves Keratins
Controls Sebum
Takes care of skin damage

The sheet mask doesn’t get overstretched.
The holes fit my eyes and mouth perfectly.
The sheet mask adheres to the skin well.
The essence is easily absorbed.
There’s a lot of essence in the mask.

The sheet mask is a bit small.
Its material is not that comfortable as compared to other masks.

It doesn’t have a fragrant scent but it doesn’t smell bad either. I didn’t really notice the smell until I took the initiative to smell it up close. I’m not sure what it smells like but if I had to guess, it kind of smells like eggs.

The blue film helps with positioning the sheet mask on the face with ease. As for the essence, it's not that viscous and is clear in appearance, not opaque. It moisturizes the skin nicely, it doesn't give me the dewy look afterward but some people might prefer it this way, shine-free. It’s not going to be one of my favorite sheet masks because I prefer masks that give me the dewy look but it’s definitely worth a try if you prefer shine-free finishes.

There's no dewy look but my complexion looked good after putting on the sheet mask, and I was feeling sick at the time!

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