Elevatione Time Stops Gala Results Box Light & Bright Capsule B+ Technology Review & Giveaway

I have recently received an Elevatione Gala Results Box Light & Bright Capsule B+ Technology as a gift and I’ve promised to share my review after a week of using the product. I also have an ongoing Elevatione skincare treatment giveaway on Instagram where you can win a luxury facial treatment catered to your skin’s condition, it’s worth around Php12,500.

Elevatione Time Stops by Salvador Dali
Elevatione is a leading international skin care brand that offers luxury skin care products. At ÉLÉVATIONE, they believe that beauty goes beyond skin deep. They have branches in London, Mexico and Philippines.

“ÉLÉVATIONE believes beauty is a concept, a construct, and a method of expression. Beauty is art, art is beauty, and the ÉLÉVATIONE woman is a masterpiece.”

Elevatione Gala Results Box Light & Bright Capsule B+ Technology
The B+ Time Capsule, with its combination of encapsulated peptides, glycolic and lactic acids, act synergistically to improve the look of skin tone and minimize the appearance of dark spots.

A luxury skincare set made by Elevatione, the Elevatione Gala Results Box Light & Bright is made of only quality ingredients made to deliver results. I appreciate how it has no harmful chemicals and I love how their products come in an oval packaging, much like a capsule—a time capsule to be exact.

FACE CREAM Key Ingredients
Aloe leaf juice, Jojoba seed oil, Citrus Unshiu (mandarin) peel extract, and Lactic acid.

Rapeseed seed oil, Licorice root extract, Rice bran extract, Citrus limon fruit extract, Citric acid, Lactic acid, Glycolic acid, and Salicylic acid.

Face Cream and Face Serum Review
Despite being creams, the Face Cream and Face Serum are all very light on the skin and don’t leave a sticky finish. I prefer leaving my skin with a dewy finish but if you’re into a matte finish then using the Face Serum and Face Cream after toning your skin will suffice. Since I prefer a dewy finish, I usually finish up with an ampoule. However, the matte finish that these two products leave me with is a perfect base for applying makeup. Despite having oily skin, my skin was still oil-free and shine-free after hours of using the two products, this could partly be due to the cold weather as well. I love how quickly my skin absorbed the serum and the cream, it makes it easy to layer up my skincare products.

Aloe leaf juice, Artemia extract, Citric Acid, Cucumber fruit extract, Rice bran extract, Jojoba seed oil, and Lactic acid. 

Boosting Drops Review
Surprisingly, the boosting drops were not sticky at all and it was light on the skin too, my skin was left moisturized, nourished, and slightly dewy. The boosting drops are my favorite among the Gala Results Box Light and Bright. It has a mild and pleasant scent.

Also, I almost forgot that lactic acids and glycolic acids were AHAs while salicylic acids were BHAs. I made a mistake of using my chemical exfoliator which had both AHA and BHA with the Elavatione products. My skin didn't get irritated but it did tingle a bit so if your usual skincare routine has a chemical exfoliator with a fairly high amount of AHA and BHA, it would probably be better to skip out on the chemical exfoliator if you're planning to have your skincare routine revolve around these Elevatione products. I also use a PHA toner but it seems to go well with the Elevatione products.


After a day of using the Elevatione Gala Results Box Light & Bright, my skin looked bright and vibrant despite lacking a bit of sleep the previous night. After three days of using the Elevatione products, my skin looked glowing! Even my smile lines were less visible. The boost of glow was similar to when I was taking Glutathione pills. I also had a fresh acne mark from a recent pimple. Usually, it would take a while for it to fade, it would look as if I had a pimple, but the Light and Bright Set aided in accelerating the lightening process. The acne scar was significantly visible on the fourth day of using the products.

The photo above was taken on the fifth day, right after I showered (sorry for the damp, messy hair) and applied the Elevatione products. I didn't any filters and I took the photo to show you how lively my skin looked. It seems as though I've only had good skin days after using the products. The fresh acne mark is hardly visible on the fifth day. Like I said, I'm a fan of the dewy skin look but this matte yet moisturized look is really nice too! 

Watch me unbox the Elevatione Gala Results Box Light & Bright.

Elevatione Branches
Pasay City
3F Newport Mall Resorts World Manila

Pasig City
GF Ayala Malls the 30th

Makati City
GF Century City Mall
GF Greenbelt 5
Centuria Medical Makati Unit 2805-2809 

For more details, visit Elevatione Philippines on Facebook: www.facebook.com/elevatione.philippines.

Where to Get it
You can get the  Gala Results Box Light & Bright here.

Don't forget to join my Elevatione giveaway on Instagram!

Congratulations to @youryvonnagorg for winning a luxury facial treatment!


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