P249 for a Natural No Makeup Look with Dr. & Co | Magic Blanc, Juicy Tint & Concealer Review

I got the idea of creating a one brand look using only 3 items for Dr. & Co and since they are currently on sale, the prices total to an amount of only Php249. Yup, it's P249 to achieve this no-makeup look. Dr. & Co is a Korean beauty brand that sells natural and cruelty-free makeup. They aim to create beauty products that minimize skin stress by keeping essential ingredients to a minimum, devoting their products to provide comfort to the skin of modern-day people who never rest.

Products Used
Dr. & Co Aqua Magic Blanc White Tone
Dr. & Co Juicy Tint #01 Hot Cherry Pink
Dr. & Co Shocking Cover Perfection Tip Concealer - Shade #1.5 Natural Tone

Aqua Magic Blanc Key Ingredients
Sage leaf extract
Lavender flower extract
Rosemary extract
Matricaria flower extract

Tone up

At first, I thought that the Dr. & Co Aqua Magic Blanc White Tone was a BB cream or something similar. However, I soon found out that it was actually a primer. However, unlike other primers, the Dr. & Co Aqua Magic Blanc White Tone has multiple functions. Aside from the other functions I mentioned, it can also provide ultraviolet ray protection since it contains titanium dioxide. However, I still recommend using sunscreen even if you will use this primer.

The product itself is white in color and upon applying it onto the skin it will look a bit white. However, after setting, my skin didn't look too white, my skin just looked like it had toned up by a bit making it look lighter and brighter. It doesn't provide coverage but I'm perfectly content with the overall brighter complexion it gave me. If like me, you don't usually wear makeup, then you would love using this on a daily basis. I easily sweat plus I have oily, acne-prone skin so I tend to lessen my usage of BB creams and foundations. Once the pandemic is over and we can all go out again, I'd definitely use this every time I'll head out.

I have a thing for lip tints that stain really nicely. While swatching the Dr. & Co Juicy Tint #01 Hot Cherry Pink, I've noticed that it sort of bleeds which gave me the thought that it might be pretty as a cheek tint and I was right! It gave my cheeks a sweet-looking pretty flush. The color also lasted for hours. I wasn't able to spread it evenly on my lips because I made the mistake of applying it on my cheeks and lips at the same time. Next time, I'll apply them separately since the color seems to set in really quick.

Dr. & Co Shocking Cover Perfection Tip Concealer Review 
The Dr. & Co Shocking Cover Perfection Tip Concealer -Shade #1.5 Natural Tone not only conceals but it can also heal imperfections such as pimple marks and undereye discolorations. It could also be used as a highlighter but I wasn't able to try doing so. Luckily, this shade fitted me well. It blended well on my eye area. It has fairly good coverage if you have light flaws, I'm not so sure how it would fare on darker circles on the eyes.

Watch me apply the Dr. & Co Korean makeup!

SALE Price
Aqua Magic Blanc White Tone Php132
Juicy Tint Php87
Shocking Cover Perfection Tip Concealer Php30
Total: Php249

Where To GET It
These Dr. & Co products are on currently on sale at Manila Influencer: www.manilainflu.com. You can get a 10% discount if you tell them that @prelel referred you. 

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