Honest Review of Cheap Magnetic False Eyelashes

I’ve been curious about magnetic false eyelashes for a while now. It sounds too good to be true and it sounds to be less of a hassle. I’ve been told before that magnetic eyelashes weren’t really that good but I wasn’t told why, which was why I decided to find out for myself.

I bought a cheap magnetic eyelash and a more expensive one at Shopee. Frankly, I knew the cheap one was not going to be good.

P32 Magnetic Eyelashes Review
First, this one was way too short, the length was less than half of my eyelash length or maybe it was around a third. It had only one magnet. Actually, my plans for this cheap magnetic lash were to cut it in case the more expensive one was too short and I would use both on my eyes. I’ll share this a little later.

P294 Magnetic Eyelashes Review
To be honest, I found this one to be a little more expensive than the others. I got this one mainly because its tweezers look a lot better. However, there are cheaper options such as the P99 set which consists of magnetic eyelash, eyeliner and tweezers. Like I said, I got this one mainly for the tweezers, this tweezer had magnets lined on it. It also promised three magnets, but unfortunately, it only had two magnets on each false eyelash which were located on both ends. The eyelashes look a bit messy and sparse as compared to other non-magnetic false eyelashes.

Unfortunately, these were slightly too short for my eyelashes, there’s a big space that the magnetic eyelashes could not cover. In photos, it’s not really obvious but when you see it in actuality, it looks unnatural.

Using the tweezers made a huge difference. I tried applying without the tweezers and I just ended up poking my eye several times.

Using both sets of magnetic eyelashes
I tried cutting the cheaper eyelashes. I made it shorter too since I planned to put them near the corners of my eyes since it looked unnatural at the ends because the more expensive one was slightly longer. It took me maybe an hour to put both sets on because the magnets keep overlapping when I try to apply it. I poked my eyes a few couple of times too and I hope I don’t get sore eyes. Despite the effort, the end result was not that nice.

How to take off the magnetic eyelashes
Don’t try to pry the magnetic eyelashes by force. I ended up plucking my eyelashes and having one of the magnets almost fall out. Just slightly rub the magnets together to remove them.

I feel like I’m better off sticking to the usual false eyelashes because they’re easier to apply and look prettier and neater. However, it might be because of the quality of the magnetic eyelashes that I bought. If it had 3 magnets like it was described then there wouldn’t be an awkward gap in the middle of my eyelashes. There are even magnetic eyelashes with four magnets and I think I might give those a try next time.

If it’s just for photos you could probably get away with it by applying liquid eyeliner and mascara but it’s still going to look awkward in reality. Also if you have thin and sparse eyelashes like I do, then it might not be practical since my eyelashes couldn’t handle the weight of the eyelashes and it eventually and slowly slid down after a while.

There’s also another type of magnetic eyelashes where you apply magnetic eyeliner onto your eyelids thus allowing the magnetic eyelashes to adhere to the magnetic liner. I haven’t tried this one yet since I would rather not use a cheap magnetic eyeliner onto my skin for fear that it might have chemicals that could irritate my skin or possibly my eye.