Intimate Meets Aesthetics with SAIB & Co Korean Intimate Cosmetics: Natural Foaming Feminine Wash Review

When you discover a beauty product that has aesthetic goals, no harmful chemicals, and has a brand vision that you can truly appreciate, you can’t help but fall in love with the product. Thanks to Kita GMP, I was able to discover SAIB, a Korean intimate cosmetics brand.

Embracing Modern Femininity with SAIB
SAIB is bias spelled backward, this reversal is rooted in the desire to reverse the effects of gender bias. SAIB aims to create a positive shift in women’s sexual wellness by offering better, healthier, safe, and female-oriented products.

For Her, By Her
SAIB empowers women to take charge of their own body by creating products for her, by her. This means that intimate cosmetics by SAIB have taken note of the needs of women and have tackled what's lacking from the usual intimate cosmetics. 

Their packaging and design are sleek and feminine. As someone who loves pink, I cannot help but gush over the design. SAIB has won multiple international design awards for the brand and package design such as the Red Dot Award: Communication Design and the iF Design Awards 2019.

Women Empowerment
SAIB spends 10% of its sales revenue on various campaigns to promote gender equality and women's rights.

SAIB Natural Foaming Feminine Wash
Description: A mild foam-type cleanser made with only 10 minimum nature-oriented ingredients to keep the external vaginal area refreshed and clean.

Key Features
Made with 99.66% nature-oriented ingredients.
Free of any unnecessary chemical additives.
Free of any artificial fragrance or dye.
Organic apple fruit water (51.22%)
Natural surfactants
pH balanced formula to maintain a healthy vaginal environment
Gentle daily cleanser with soft foam
Hypoallergenic for sensitive skin (clinically tested for safety)
Manufactured in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for cosmetic products
Vegan formula
pH4-5 balanced

Optimal pH level
I can’t help but be amazed that the SAIB Natural Foaming Feminine Wash is vegan and made with only good ingredients, no harmful chemicals while answering all the needs that I would look for in a feminine wash. According to Medical News Today, a normal vaginal pH level is between 3.8 and 4.5, and keeping your pH levels within the range helps to keep bacterial and fungal infections away.

Naturally foams
Containing zero Sodium Laureth Sulfate, I’m amazed at how much foam the SAIB Natural Foaming Feminine Wash can produce. A pump of the product produces the amount of foam you can see in the photo above. It uses a natural surfactant to produce the foam, I’m guessing it’s the organic apple fruit water that produces the foam since you can find foam in apple juices. It’s possible that the pump-type container also helps to transform the liquid into foam upon dispensing the product.

It doesn’t have a fragrant smell nor does it have a bad odor, what’s important is that it keeps my intimate area free from foul odors. It’s able to cleanse my feminine area without drying my skin. After a few uses, I’ve found that there were zero discomforts

It really is a quality product and the design is really a huge bonus. The bottle comes in a pretty, soft pink shade and it has a gradient effect where the top part is opaque while slowly transitioning into a translucent appearance where you can see the liquid (the product itself) as you swirl it around.

Thank you GMP Team and SAIB for sending me the samples to try. I received the samples in exchange of my honest review.
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