Althea Chuseok Sale Haul with P3,000 Worth of Freebies & Trying Out the Korean Snack Set

Dear Dreamers
I wasn't planning to buy Korean beauty products last month but when I saw Althea's Chuseok Sale for 10.10 last month, I couldn't resist. By purchasing P2,200 worth of products, P3,000 worth of freebies will be included and one of the freebies was the BCL x Althea Sunrise & Moonrise Palette! Luckily, my purchases were not attributed to impulse buying since I was already eyeing most of the products I purchased, even weeks before.

I was so excited about the freebies that I tagged my friend on Althea's post and she ended up making a purchase as well (oops).

My purchases
1. Aritaum Idol Brush Eye Liner P260
2. Etude House Soon Jung Lip & Eye Remover P380
3. A'PIEU Raspberry Vinegar Hair Mist  P380
4. The Snack Set P360
5. Laneige Sleeping Mask Set P250
6. Etude House Play 101 Stick Contour Duo P470
7. Etude House TSUM TSUM Lovely Cookie Blusher P250
Total of P2,350

P3,000 worth of freebies
1. BCL x Althea Sunrise & Moonrise Palette 
2. Spotlight Eye Glitter #01 
3. Spotlight Eye Glitter #02 
4. Bare Essentials Contour Cleanser Mini
5. Bare Essentials Primer Water Mini
6. Bare Essentials Fixer Cream Mini
7. Petal Velvet Sunaway Mini
8. Waterful Green Bamboo Pads Mini
9. Travel Kit Pouch
10. Tote bag

The freebies' original price are as follows:
BCL x Althea Sunrise & Moonrise Palette P1,910
Spotlight Eye Glitter P420 each
Althea Travel Kit P770
P1,910+P420+P420+P770 = P3,520

The total worth of the freebies is around P3,520.

The Snack Set P360
1 x M&F FOOD Original Dalgona Candy (10g) P40
1 x CHEONGWOO Rice Cake Cookie (21.5g) - Original P30
1 x CHEONGWOO Rice Cake Cookie (18g) - Choco Chip P30
1 x CHEONGWOO Rice Cake Cookie (21.5g) - Choco Pie P30
1 x CROWN Sweet and Sour Chewy Candy (29g) - Strawberry P40
1 x CROWN Sweet and Sour Chewy Candy (29g) - Peach P40
1 x CROWN Sweet and Sour Chewy Candy (29g) - Lemonade P40
1 x HAITAI Milk Caramel (50g) - Sweet Red Bean Jelly P110

I got the prices from Althea's website and the amount adds up to P360, I guess I didn't really save anything by getting the snack set. The snack set did make my daughter happy so it's all good.

The rice cake cookies had a chewy layer inside it which I mistook for marshmallows at first but after finding out that these were rice cake cookies, I realized that the chewy layer was like mochi.

The chewy candies were like Hi-Chew or Sugus, it was sweet, chewy and sticky.

Contrary to my expections, the Dalgona Candy was hard and crunchy.

The milk caramel was soft and chewy at the same time, it had the right amount of sweetness too. It wasn't too sweet.
To be honest, I didn't read the description of the snack set beforehand so I thought I was getting at least one savory snack but they're all sweet snacks and candies. These snacks would make great snacks for school.

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Watch me unbox my Althea Chuseok Haul and open up the Korean Snack Set.