Dear, Klairs Whenever Cushion 21C Rosy Review

A cushion with two different puffs that allows two different degrees of coverage, the Dear Klairs Whenever Cushion is a lightweight and multifunctional cushion foundation that you can use whenever, wherever. It also comes with UV protection, it has SPF 50+ PA+++.

With three different shades, the Dear, Klairs Whenever Cushion mostly accommodates for skin tones on the lighter shades. In this review, I'll be sharing my experience with the 21C Rosy shade.

21C Rosy
21N Linen
23W Ecru

I didn't know about the dual function of this cushion which was why I was wondering why this cushion had two puffs and after reading the description, I found out that each of the puffs had a different use. The black puff was for everyday use while the white puff was for covering up and the white puff allows heavier coverage. The white puff feels smoother and softer while the black puff feels like it was denser.

I remember being very haggard and looking very ghostly on the day when I was unboxing my Wishtrend package. The Dear, Klairs Whenever Cushion was able to transform my haggard appearance into a healthy-looking one, with a soft glow. Although if you looked as haggard as I did, you might want to apply some blush. For the photos and video, I didn't apply a blusher so you could see how the cushion looks as it is.

For the black puff or the daily use puff, my huge pores can still be seen up close but it allows decent coverage. It was able to cover up a budding pimple on my chin which was a bit big. It really does well for daily makeup since it's able to boost my complexion without feeling heavy on my skin. I like that it leaves a moisturized yet velvety finish.

Wishtrend sells the Dear, Klairs Whenever Cushion for $37. You can use the code NOVEMBER15 to get 15% off.