Quarantine Halloween at Home with Japan Candy Box | Review & Giveaway

Celebrating Halloween at home with Japan Candy Box has become a sort of tradition for me. We’ve been doing it for two years in a row and this marks the third year. With the ongoing quarantine and pandemic, it makes even more sense to celebrate Halloween at home. Being stuck at home for months in a row has made me even more excited to receive my Japan Candy Box.

I got this year’s Halloween Box a little bit later than everyone else due to the ongoing pandemic and recent typhoon here in the Philippines. I saw some familiar favorites which were part of the previous Japan Candy Boxes that I've tried.

October 2020 Spooky Halloween Haul
Scary Monster Stamp Candies $0.99
Halloween Pokémon Choco Corn Puff Snacks $1.78
Koala’s March Halloween Party Box $3.70
Mystery Halloween Tsubu Gumi Jelly Beans $3.70
Halloween Toppo Choco Pretzel Sticks $4.90
Spooky Halloween Black Thunder Choco Bar $0.73
Halloween Umaibo Corn Potage Puff Stick $0.50
Witch’s Brew Mix & Match Gumballs $3.50
Bokun Habanero Spicy Potato Rings $3.60
Halloween Night Baby Star Ramen Snacks $1.32
Total worth: $24.72

How I got the prices
I got the prices from the Japan Candy Store and some of them are sold in packs so I had to divide them. Nine packs of the stamp candies are sold for $8.90. Pokemon Halloween Party Snack Pack is sold for $8.90 for 5 pieces. For the choco bar, the price was $10.90 for 15 pieces so I divided them and I got $0.73. Same for the Yaokin Umaibo Halloween Corn Potage Snack Stick, a pack of 5 pieces is sold for $2.50. Six pieces of noodles snacks are sold for $7.90. I rounded up the prices for those that go beyond 2 decimals.

Try a Variety of Snacks
Getting the Japan Candy Box is a great way to try an assortment of snacks since some of the snacks are sold in bundles and not individually as I've mentioned. You get to try a bigger variety if you avail of the Japan Candy Box rather than buying each of the snacks individually from Japan Candy Store.

Huge Savings for Longer Subscriptions
If you avail of the 6-months plan or 12-months plan, you get to save a huge amount as compared to getting just one month. For the 12-months subscription, each box will only cost $19.90, thus saving you a total of $60.

I love how this year's Halloween Box are all Halloween-themed, it's definitely a Spooky Halloween Haul. As usual, Baby Q's favorite is the Umaibo Corn Potage Puff Stick. I asked her which snack she wanted to try first and she pointed to the corn puff snack. She always eats that one first, since it's really yummy. It's savory and tastes like sweet corn. Some of the snacks have a fun aspect to them such as the stamp candies and the gumballs. When you combine the gumballs, you can get fun new flavors to enjoy.

Japanese Snacks
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