NoTS Centella Cover and Powdery Cover Cushion Review

Korean beauty products are known for their multi-functional features and these products from NoTS are no exception. One is a concealer that also functions as a spot care complete with Centella and tea tree oil while the other is a cushion that also acts as sun protection with extremely high UVA protection (PA++++). I’ll be reviewing both the NoTS Centella Cover and the NoTS Powdery Cover Cushion.

NoTS Centella Cover (Tea Tree Concealer)
Functions: Conceals, Soothes, Firms, and Protects.
Features: Skin fit powder is used as an active ingredient to ensure smooth skin without creases thanks to its adhesive formulation and fine powder.
Ingredients: 5% Centella Extract, Tea Tree Oil, and Madecasoide.

NoTS Centella Cover (Tea Tree Concealer) Review
With spot care and concealer combined into one product, the NoTS Centella Cover creates a smooth and clean look without aggravating my pimple. It has heavy coverage and just a few amounts of the product is enough to cover a pimple. It can be a bit tricky to apply the concealer on a huge pimple just by using my hands. The nozzle does help a lot in applying the concealer accurately.

NoTS Powdery Cover Cushion SPF50
Functions: Whitening, Wrinkle improvement, Sun protection, and Coverage.
Features: SPF50 PA++++, Lasting coverage, Fruit Oil 6 Complex, and Oil shield color capsule.
Ingredients: Calamine Fit, Grapefruit Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Pomegranate Seed Oil, Lemon Seed Oil, Apple Seed Oil, and Apricot Seed Oil.
Shades: C21 Light Beige and C23 Natural Beige.

NoTS Powdery Cover Cushion SPF50 Review
With gorgeous packaging, the NoTS Powdery Cover Cushion SPF50 is too pretty to resist. Its cover can also act as a mirror and if you watch my video, you’ll see that I used the mirror cover while applying concealer. Upon touching my skin with the cushion applied, there are no signs of stickiness and it’s not greasy or shiny either. The product description says that it leaves a matte finish but personally, I found it to be more of a velvety finish.

Despite providing thick coverage, I still need to use a primer if I want my huge pores to be less visible. For my smaller pores, it does cover it up well. Otherwise, it's not really obvious unless someone stares at my skin up close, like really close, to see my huge pores. It covers up redness and other flaws but if you have a huge bump of a pimple-like I do right now, using a concealer is definitely better especially since the NoTS concealer has calming effects.

The shade that I was able to try was the C21 Light Beige, the color is not far from my skin but it is slightly too light for it, so if I don’t want my face to look too light, I need to apply some on my neck as well.

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Nots Powdery Cover Cushion P1,030 P309
NoTS Centella Cover (Concealer) P950 P285

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