Who Made Me a Princess Official Merchandise Haul

 Seeing Athy and Claude in actual—okay not in actual but out of the screen and in these pretty cards! If you’re wondering, these are official merchandise of one of my favorite manhwas, Who Made Me a Princess.

So much cuteness, my heart is melting!

Who Made Me a Princess Official Merchandise Haul
2 Who Made Me a Princess PVC card set
1 Who Made Me a Princess Paper Album

I got this haul from Sakura Neko Online Shop and they also included a pretty heart magnet. I love the packaging that they gave me, not only because it makes my pictures a lot prettier but because you can tell that it was definitely packed with love. Unboxing this Who Made Me a Princess package was doubly exciting because of the super cute packaging. I don’t think I can bear to throw it away.

Inside the PVC card set is a note from Spoon as well as Spoon’s signature. In case you didn’t know, Who Made Me a Princess is a popular Korean webtoon illustrated by Spoon. If you love cute and pretty illustrations with a fantasy theme and solid plot to boot plus the occasional humor, then you should definitely check out Who Made Me a Princess.

I love how Spoon classified the cards with Super Rare, Rare, and Normal! They’re all Super Rare in my heart though. :3

Sakura Neko Online Shop
Apart from selling official merchandise of Who Made Me a Princess, Sakura Neko Online Shop also sells cosplay wigs and costumes. Their Nezuko two-toned wig is sold for P500. I haven’t tried their wigs yet but I’m pretty sure that their wigs are of good quality because the owner of the shop herself is a cosplayer.

Sakura Neko Online Shop is based in the Philippines but they also ship to Australia, Austria, Bolivia, Canada, Guatemala, Indonesia, United Kingdom, and the United States. For other countries, you can message them on their Facebook page or Instagram page to inquire.

Thank you Sakura Neko Online Shop!

Where to Get Who Made Me A Princess Official Merchandise?
Shopee: Sakura Neko Shoppu
Facebook: facebook.com/SakuraNekoShoppu
Instagram: instagram.com/sakuranekoshoppu

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