a.stop Mermaid Hair Treatment Pack Review

Mermaids are known for their beautiful hair and this hair treatment from a.stop promises “hair like a mermaid”. The a.stop Mermaid Hair Treatment Pack is a Korean beauty product that repairs and nourishes the hair from daily hair stress such as heat damage from using hair dryers, curlers or straighteners.

Key Ingredients
Lavender Oil: deeply conditions the hair and gives it shine.
Juniper Oil: helps reduce dandruff.
Basil: promotes healthy hair growth.

Hair Cap
I don’t know where I got the idea that this product would heat up and steam, but it doesn’t. I’ve encountered products before that can heat up after opening it, this is not one of those products. Instead, the a.stop Mermaid Hair Treatment Pack heats up by trapping heat inside the hair cap. Inside the hair cap is the hair treatment.


Thanks to the sticker, the hair cap stays put on my head. It doesn’t feel uncomfortable, it’s also mess-free so I can do other things while waiting for the a.stop Mermaid Hair Treatment Pack work its magic. The recommended time of usage is 10-15 minutes but I tried using it for 30 minutes. I used it on my damp hair after shampooing it.

The hair treatment adheres to my hair pretty well and it left my hair smelling fragrant. After washing off the a.stop Mermaid Hair Treatment Pack and drying my hair, my hair felt really soft and silky. It looked more tamed and healthier. It deeply moisturized my dried out hair.

I kept the hair cap, I plan to clean it and reuse it a few times just so it won’t go to waste.

Where to Get it
You can get the a.stop Mermaid Hair Treatment Pack from my Charis shop. Normally, the a.stop Mermaid Hair Treatment Pack Set costs P540 but there's an ongoing Christmas deal (Christmas deal product link) where you can get 3 pieces of a.stop Mermaid Hair Treatment Packs for only P490 plus it comes with a free spot patch and free shipping for Philippine residents