SCC Premium Essence Uraraka Sizuku Human Stem Cells + Horse Placenta Beauty Serum Clear Drops Review

A premium Japanese skincare product, the SCC Premium Essence contains highly sought-after premium skincare ingredients that are perfect for anti-aging namely human stem cells and horse placenta.

I like to think that prevention is better than treatment which is why I've already incorporated anti-aging products into my skincare routine. It can be difficult to find anti-aging skincare products that are suitable for younger skin but today, I'll be sharing with you an anti-aging skincare product that can be used by younger skin, particularly those in their early 20s.

Human Stem Cells
Containing a high concentration of cultured human stem cells, the SCC Premium Essence Uraraka Sizuku contains human stem cells extracted from human stem cells that have been cultured in a lab. Known for its ability to delay the aging of the skin, human stem cells have also been known to repair skin damage and regenerate the skin.

Horse Placenta
Known to also rejuvenate the skin, the horse placenta is also known to stimulate collagen production and reduce irritation

Product name
SCC Premium Essence Uraraka Sizuku Human Stem Cells + Horse Placenta Beauty Serum Clear Drops 30 ml

Uraraka Sizuku
Uraraka (麗らか) means clear and Sizuku (滴) means drop hence it’s called the SCC Premium Essence Clear Drops.

Free from harmful ingredients
The SCC Premium Essence contains no paraben, fragrance, and coloring.

The main ingredients of SCC Premium Essence Clear Drops have undergone nano-encapsulation for better absorption of the product by the skin.

Key Ingredients
Human Adipocyte-Adapted Culture Fluid Extract
Hyaluronic Acid
Horse Placenta Extract
Ubiquinone (Coenzyme Q10)
Vitamin C

First Impressions
Texture: Texture-wise, the SCC Premium Essence is more viscous than your usual essence, it’s almost gel-like but it’s not viscous enough to be described as a gel. To describe it better, I’d say almost like a dewdrop.

Appearance: It has a transparent appearance.

Scent: I was surprised to find out that it had no scents, I cannot smell anything from the essence. This is a good thing since it indicates that no artificial fragrance was used to make this essence.


The SCC Premium Essence leaves my skin looking dewy all day, my face does not look greasy at all despite the fact that I am an oily skin type. It comes with a non-sticky finish. Compared to other essences, this essence takes slightly longer for the skin to absorb it despite its lightness. It takes around 30 seconds to a minute of massaging the face for the essence to be absorbed by my skin. Using it for a couple of days has shown signs of it minimizing the appearance of my fine lines.

If you have dry skin, I recommend using a cream alongside this essence during cold weather since it won’t be enough to moisturize your skin due to the cold.

Start Your Anti-Aging Skincare Routine Earlier
If you want to start your anti-aging skincare routine at an earlier age, the SCC Premium Essence Uraraka Sizuku is perfect for you because unlike other anti-aging skincare products, the SCC Premium Essence is not heavy on the skin, making it suitable for younger skin. Most anti-aging products out there come in the form of creams which could end up clogging your pores if you have oily skin like I do.

Also, if you’ve noticed on the ingredients list, the SCC Premium Essence Clear Drops contain a variety of potent anti-aging skincare ingredients.

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Availability and Price

Disclaimer: I was sent the Premium Essence Uraraka Sizuku Human Stem Cells + Horse Placenta Beauty Serum in exchange of my honest review. All opinions are my own. This article contains my affiliate links.