Easy Peasy Happy Punch Hair Cover Stick Review | Cover Sparse Hairline

I've recently been worried about my thinning hair and how it shows when I part my hair in the middle. My thinning hair is probably related to my thyroid condition, my hyperthyroidism became hypothyroidism or at least close to hypothyroidism. I've been thinking of how to remedy my sparse hairline or at least make my scalp less obvious when I found the Easy Peasy Happy Punch Hair Cover Stick, a Korean beauty product that will punch away your hairline problems, it that can make sparse hairline and bald spots less obvious.

2 variants (light hair and dark hair)
Hair powder with a soft matte finish
Water-proof formula
Sebum and sweat resistant
Has rosehip to hydrate the hair from within

Texture-wise, I find the Easy Peasy Happy Punch Hair Cover Stick to be similar to a foundation cushion but it's not as thick as a foundation cushion. It feels light on the skin and it's not overly pigmented, it's just the right amount of pigment to give a natural appearance while covering the bald spot. It’s not oily or sticky, rather, it has a matte feel. I have dark hair but this Easy Peasy Happy Punch Hair Cover Stick but the one I got is actually made for light hair. There’s actually a variant for dark hair. Despite being made for light hair, it still made a big difference. My scalp looks a lot less bald and my thinning hair is hardly obvious.

I like how it has a pretty pink packaging and a built-in stamp on the cap. The applicator is a semi-circular-shaped sponge. The smell is alright, it's not exactly fragrant but it doesn't smell bad either.

You can get the Easy Peasy Happy Punch Hair Cover Stick at my Charis Shop for P650 (USD $12).