Moonshot Jelly Pot Bronze Champagne Review

A fairly unique eyeshadow, the Moonshot Jelly Pot Bronze Champagne has a jelly-like consistency as opposed to the usual powder-type eyeshadow. This type of eyeshadow can create a different kind of eyeshadow look and it is also suitable for daily wear.

Self Healing Polymer Technology
Skin-fit System and Glossy Shimmer on Eyes
Water Base Cooling effect
Sophisticated Contouring Makeup 

Jelly Pot Types
Pearl Type
Glitter Type

The first thing I noticed about the Moonshot Jelly Pot was how highly pigmented it was. I tried applying the Moonshot Jelly Pot Bronze Champagne on my bare skin, without primer, foundation, or powder. The result was a very visible yet natural-looking eyeshadow look. Usually, I would need to use a foundation for lighter eyeshadows to appear vividly but the Moonshot Jelly Pot did not need one. I used my fingers to apply the Jelly Pot eyeshadow but I probably should have used an eyeshadow brush for better precision. 

As the name suggests, the Moonshot Jelly Pot has a jelly-like texture. Despite being very viscous, it doesn't feel sticky and it feels quite comfortable on my skin even though the eyeshadow is thick. It's very easy to spread on the skin and it is quite blendable as well, it does take some time for it to settle on the skin if you apply too much. If you have oily skin like I do, you probably would want to apply setting powder before applying the Jelly Pot eyeshadow.

As you can see in the photo, I've probably applied too much of the eyeshadow onto my eyes. Only a small amount is needed to achieve a pigmented and glittery eyeshadow look.

Despite applying the eyeshadow on bare skin, the eyeshadow color was still able to be vividly seen without being too overpowering. It's perfect for everyday makeup since it can make the eyes pop without being too bold.

You can get the Moonshot Jelly Pot Bronze Champagne at my Charis shop for P250 ($4.50).