YesStyle Pastel Y2K Outfit

A couple of months ago, I haven’t even heard about Y2K and if you’re confused as to what it means like how I was, then let me enlighten you. Y2K is short for the Year 2000 and apparently, Y2K fashion and Y2K aesthetic have been a thing for quite some time now, most especially for Gen Z.

Y2K fashion usually has baby tees and low-rise boot cut pants as its main staple for the look and this look tends to show off the navel, something I’m not proud to show off (I need to shed a bit more fats lol). If I remember correctly, back then, low-rise bootcut jeans were definitely everywhere before skinny jeans replaced them.

As for my take on Y2K fashion, I chose a pastel Y2K theme since I’m not really a fan of loud prints. Instead, I chose a pastel blue gingham check plaid knit top, a pair of tie-dye pastel cargo pants, and a white fluffy cropped jacket. I got these three clothes from YesStyle, some were sponsored and some I paid for.

As for the shoes, I bought these elsewhere and customized them a bit with some Cardcaptor charms.

I really love how fluffy this jacket is and I wish I could wear it often but, alas, the weather here in the Philippines won’t allow me to do so.

What’s in my YesStyle pastel Y2K outfit?
Juku Girls Blue & Pink Tie Dye Cargo Harem Pants
Newkoou White Fluffy Cropped Jacket
Miss Puff Blue Plaid Camisole Top

You can use my code KBEAUTYLOVER on YesStyle to get extra discounts.


  1. cute outfit cute ng shoes momiss prelel 😍

  2. cute outfit cute ng shoes momiss prelel 😍


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