Sunroi 76 Peptides Ampoule and Cream Review

With a neat and pastel pink packaging, the Sunroi 76 Peptides line promotes skin recovery and skin cell growth. Both the ampoule and the cream from the Sunroi 76 Peptides line contain the following: hyaluronic acids, peptide, vitamin, growth factors, amino acid, minerals, human adipocyte conditioned media extract, and polydeoxyribonucleotide.

About Sunroi
A bio-pharmaceutical R&D specialist, Sunrise is a Korean brand that specializes in MicroNeedle pharmaceuticals and that has developed 42 bioproducts, including fillers.

My skin condition prior to using Sunroi
I usually have oily skin but since I've been trying to housetrain our new puppy, I had to spend a long time outdoors under the scorching sun and I ended up getting sunburned despite religiously applying sunscreen. I know I'm not supposed to go under direct sun exposure but I couldn't avoid it during the first few days. Now, I've adjusted my outdoor time to prevent myself from getting under the afternoon sun. However, the sunburn left me with some dry patches on my forehead, around the temples, and around the sides of my nose.

Sunroi 76 Peptides Ampoule Review
This Sunroi 76 Peptides Ampoule comes with an uncommon packaging that looks a lot like a vaccine's packaging. After opening up the securely sealed packaging, I attached the dispenser. I like that the dispenser comes with its own cap and that it doesn't spill over. To dispense the ampoule, you'll need to give the dispenser a light squeeze and it can dispense the ampoule in drops depending on how much pressure you apply.

Light on the skin, the Sunroi 76 Peptides Ampoule is quick to be absorbed by my skin and it doesn't leave a sticky residue or a greasy feeling on my skin. I also like how the liquid of the ampoule itself has a pretty pink appearance.

Sunroi Ointment 76 Peptides Cream
A non-greasy and non-sticky cream, the Sunroi Ointment 76 Peptides Cream feels light on my skin as well and it doesn't make my skin look shiny or oily. It's fairly quick to be absorbed by my skin. I usually apply a second layer of the same cream to give it extra moisture, the second layer gets absorbed fairly quickly as well. On the first use, I noticed that it was able to moisturize my dry patches (the one I got from my sunburn) and they felt a lot less flaky. For drier areas like the one on my nose, it wasn't enough and needed more moisturizer. I also like how it leaves my skin feeling cool.

Two weeks result
After using the two Sunroi products for two weeks straight, my smile lines look slightly less noticeable and my skin looks slightly more supple.

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