GSLEY Bubble Bomb Pack Review

"Bomb" your dead skin cells away with the "bubble-popping" GSLEY Bubble Bomb Pack! A one-step bubble mask that brings life to dull skin, the GSLEY Bubble Bomb Pack deep cleanses the pores while providing it with nutrition through its super bubbling technology.

I love the sleek packaging, it comes in a black spherical container which makes it look quite elegant. I think this would fit well in my brother's black and white room where most of his skincare is also black and white themed.

It also comes with a plastic mini spatula inside.

Deep Cleansing
Pore Management
Sebum and Waste Removal

Key Ingredients
Mallow Extract
Peppermint Leaf Extract
Lady’s Mantle Extract
Veronica Officinalis Extract
Lemon Balm Leaf Extract
Yarrow Extract
Primula Sieboldii Extract
17 kinds of Aminoxides
Charcoal Powder

Charcoal Powder and Aminoxides
Charcoal Powder: Adhering between the pores, the fine particles of charcoal powders can remove excess sebum and waste.

Aminoxides: This face pack also contains a complex of 17 kinds of amino acids that helps skin moisturize by producing collagen.

GSLEY Bubble Bomb Pack Review

With a black creamy texture that turns into a light gray foamy texture, the GSLEY Bubble Bomb Pack is easy to spread even though I didn't moisten my face with water. However, if you don't dampen your skin with water, the bubble mask will not foam. Even a small amount of water is enough, I wiped my wet face with a towel, and the bubbles still formed.

I must say that I'm amazed at how the GSLEY Bubble Bomb Pack forms big bubbles. I could really feel the bubbles continuously popping against my skin and it felt really ticklish on my skin. Since the bubbles continuously pop, it felt as if something was tickling my face.

It has a pleasant smell and feels cool on my skin. I applied it on my face with makeup on and after rinsing it off, most, if not all, of my makeup was removed and my face felt clean and moisturized. My pores also looked clean and it didn't make my skin dry either, it left my skin feeling cool, smooth, and supple.

You can get the GSLEY Bubble Bomb Pack at my Charis Shop for P1,190 (USD $22).