Voynoon Only Move Oh Remove Stick Review

Voynoon always comes up with the cutest skincare products that are fun to use. This time, it’s a clay mask in the form of a stick. The Voynoon Only Move Oh Remove Stick is a clay stick that has a brush on the other end.

Key Ingredients
Moroccan Lava Clay
Charcoal Powder
Apricot Seed
Soybean Seed

You’re supposed to wash your skin before applying this clay stick but I applied it on my dry skin to show you how it would look. It looks like clumped clay on dry skin. You can also choose to dampen the clay stick before applying it to your skin.

On wet skin, the Voynoon Only Move Oh Remove Stick glides with ease and it appears to be light gray in color. I like how clean the pores on my nose look and how smooth my skin felt after washing off the clay stick. It was able to remove the sebum from my skin without drying it out.

I find it quite convenient to have a clay mask on a stick because I always end up misplacing the spatula for scooping regular clay masks. The brush on the other end is also quite handy because it’s detachable which makes washing it easier. I like how soft the bristles are, it’s gentle on my skin.

The only thing that I didn’t like about it is that it contains alcohol but since it’s listed as the second to the last ingredient, I assume that it’s only a little amount. I didn’t experience any redness or irritation so I will still use it as part of my regular skincare routine.

Where to Get It?
You can get the Voynoon Only Move Oh Remove Stick at my Charis shop for PHP960 ($16.80).