YesStyle Clearance Haul | 7 Items for $92 [Outfits & Reviews]

I recently shopped at YesStyle’s Clearance Section and I was really pleased with the deals I scored. I got 6 items for USD92 (PHP 5,023.77) as well as one free daily gift, making it a total of 7 items.

I was supposed to have 8 items in total (including the free gift) but one of the items got refunded even before I received the package. The item didn’t pass their quality check and was marked as defective. They refunded me the amount that I paid and they also compensated me with a complimentary coupon.

White Knee High Boots
My favorite among the clearance items is definitely the white knee high boots because it’s the one with the biggest discount, making it a huge steal. It was really a stroke of luck that the only item up for clearance was my size. I found it relatively easy to walk around with, I wore this at the Manila Influencers Party where I walked quite a lot.

I even walked with it on the gravel path, though it was a bit of a challenge, I still made it out alive and unscathed. It has a fleece inner lining which made wearing the boots a whole more comfortable and it didn’t feel hot either. It’s also easy to wear because of the zipper.

Clearance Price: $19.56 (PHP 1,075.98)
Original Price:  $99.18 (PHP 5,457.02)
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Black Cargo Joggers
I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome of the outfit with the black cargo pants and the black cropped baseball jacket. I like that despite being loose, the black cargo pants didn’t look too baggy on me.

Clearance Price: $10.15 (PHP 558.75)
Original Price: $25.04 (PHP1,377.90)
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Black Cropped Baseball Jacket
I honestly wasn’t expecting this baseball jacket to look nice on me. However, it looked a lot better in person. It’s also of good quality. It’s quite thick and yet it feels comfortable.

Clearance Price: $11.43 (PHP 629.09)
Original Price: $18.18 (PHP 1,000.03)
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Gray Elbow Blazer
Not only did I shop at the Women’s Clearance Section, but I also raided the Men’s Clearance Section. Although I really like how this blazer looks, I feel that it doesn’t suit me because of my figure. I think it would look a whole better on a guy than on me.

Clearance Price: $11.30 (PHP 621.68)|
Original Price: $27.36 (PHP 1,505.30)
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Khaki Baseball Jacket
Another item from the Men’s Clearance Section is the Khaki Baseball Jacket. Contrary to my expectations, this Baseball Jacket is quite thin as compared to the baseball jackets that I got from the women’s jacket. I’m not sure if the menswear at YesStyle is just generally thinner. When I wear it, it doesn’t look that thin but the fabric itself feels thin.

Clearance Price: $11.34 (PHP 624.20)
Original Price: $28.13 (PHP1,547.88)
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Pink Patched Baseball Jacket
Last but not least, the only clothing from my haul that didn’t come from the clearance section. This pink patched baseball jacket is definitely of good quality. It’s thick and comfortable and the patches are embroidered. I’ve seen some cheap “patched” jackets in other online shopping sites where the patches are just prints and not really embroidered ones. Apart from having real patches, this baseball jacket has a quilt lining on the inside which makes it really comfortable.

Clearance Price: $27.57 (PHP 1,517.07)
Original Price: $27.80 (PHP 1,529.67)
Where to get it?

Free Daily Gift: Sioris Bring Back Memories Hand Cream
I got the Sioris Bring Back Memories Hand Cream for free from YesStyle. The first 150 customers can avail of their daily free gift. It’s not automatically added to your cart, you have to claim the free gift. I’ve actually availed of quite a number of their free gifts, I even got a USB cup warmer before. If I remember correctly, there is no minimum number or amount of order that you need to achieve to be able to avail of the free gift.

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