VVBetter Firming Eye Cream Review

A twist and pump eye cream, the container design of the VVBetter Firming Eye Cream is really unique and innovative. I absolutely love that this eye cream doesn’t have a cap because I’ve lost a few caps in my lifetime. You just have to twist the top part and the container shaft will go down, allowing you to pump and dispense the eye cream. However, the container isn’t the only good thing about the VVBetter Firming Eye Cream and in this post I’ll share why.

Key Ingredients
Vitamin C
Peptides Complex


Thick and dense, the VVBetter Firming Eye Cream is really moisturizing on my skin. I've been concerned about my tired looking eyes because my sleep has been a bit irregular recently. After consistently using this eye cream, the area around my eyes look brighter and more youthful, especially around the face lines. I also like to use this eye cream on my smile lines because it makes my skin appear plumper. I like that it’s not sticky and it doesn’t feel greasy. It leaves a moisture barrier on the surface of my skin without making my skin look shiny. As for the scent, it has a mild smell that is easy on the nose.