Voynooon Charcoal Star Chok Chok Pack Review

Even as a skincare junkie, I have those days where I don’t feel like doing my skincare routine. There are a couple of ways that I motivate myself to complete my skincare routine. First, it’s playing a song that I like, one that’s fun and upbeat. Another way would be to include a fun-to-use skincare such as this pretty charcoal pack from Voynoon. The Voynooon Charcoal Star Chok Chok Pack contains “popping charcoal” that appear like tiny stars.

Key Ingredients
Charcoal Powder
Sodium Hyaluronate

A fun-to-use charcoal pack, the Voynooon Charcoal Star Chok Chok Pack’s appearance is not the only thing that’s unique about it. Unlike the usual charcoal pack which is usually a clay mask, the Voynooon Charcoal Star Chok Chok Pack appears to be gel-like. The glycerin encases the charcoal powder which makes it appear pretty and glittery. Due to it being gel-like, this charcoal pack is easy to spread. After massaging it onto my skin, it starts to look more like a charcoal mask because it transforms from a glittery appearance into a light gray appearance.

After rinsing it off, my skin doesn’t feel dry or tight, there’s still some light hydration on my skin. My pores look cleaner than before I used this charcoal mask. I like that this charcoal pack is gentle on my skin.

Price and Where to Get It?
You can get the Voynooon Charcoal Star Chok Chok Pack in my Charis shop for $18.90 (P1,080).