d'Alba White Truffle Spray Serum Review

A multi-function spray, the d'Alba White Truffle Spray Serum can act as a serum in your skincare routine, makeup prepper or makeup setter. Personally, I like to use it best for retouching my makeup because my makeup tends to have a mix of problems after prolonged wear. Sometimes my makeup can look oily on my t-zone yet dry and cracked on my smile lines.

2 layered serum spray
Deep hydration
Flaky skin relief
Hypo allergenic

Key Ingredients
Trufferol (White Truffle + Tocopherol
Avocado Oil

I love how hydrating the d'Alba White Truffle Spray Serum is, it leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. It’s quick to settle on my skin and it doesn’t feel greasy. It doesn’t look oily at all and it leaves my skin with a matte finish. I like the fragrant smell and after it settles on my skin, it leaves my skin with a mild scent. 

My other sister recently got married and I decided that I would do my own makeup. I brought this d'Alba White Truffle Spray Serum with me to retouch my makeup. My makeup was getting dried up and cracking up on my smile lines because of the cold aircon and possibly from all the smiling we did for the photos and the videos. This spray serum gave my skin hydration and made retouching my makeup so much easier it can rehydrate my skin without leaving any oily residue. I have oily skin so it’s important for me to not have my skin looking greasy.

You can get the d'Alba White Truffle Spray Serum at my Charis shop for $20 (P1,140).


  1. Wow this new products looking so nice. Love it on your skin 😍😍😍

    1. I'm glad you like it! It looks even nicer when you shake it because the oil in the serum will look sparkly once it's mixed with the serum.

  2. Karen MirafuentesJune 2, 2023 at 9:23 PM

    I love your reviews mii, parang gusto ko na rin to itry😍

  3. wow such an amazing beauty product, sana affordable din sya hihihi, para mtry ✌️✌️

  4. A must have product, I always wanted to try d’alba skincare


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