Lady In Pastels

Hello hello, I am very happy today. Today, we had no classes at our college then I received four blog related e-mails which made me even happier. I’ll tell you the details soon after I sort them out. Lastly, today marks the day my blog officially turns 1! Happy blog anniversary ^_^ I’ll try to have a giveaway to commemorate this day. Oh and speaking of giveaways, my LSN Fashion giveaway just ended. I’ll be picking out the winners soon, promise.

As you can see I’m wearing two of the set of nail polish that I’ve mentioned in my blog post Candy Colors. I used brown and nude to match my brown shoes and nude shorts, of course. I had enough time to make some minimal nail art thanks to my sis who gave me a bottle of oil labeled “hurry up” which, you know, hurries up the nail polish to dry faster lol.

This outfit was kind of an accident, most of my outfits are. I have a lot of those moments where I just pick out something from my closet and if it’s not a dress, I pull out another thing from my closet. What comes out is not always to my liking so I have to throw them back in my closet. I find this to be a bad habit of mine since that makes my closet pile up and I have to tidy it up once in a while.

So yeah, I didn’t really intend to match this outfit but nonetheless, it’s still a planned outfit. This outfit is actually my entry for the SM GTW contest. In order to enter that contest I had to buy at least 699.75 pesos worth of clothes. I originally wanted to get the bottom (because it matches my nail polish hehe) and just get whatever for the second item to reach the 699.75 mark. But when I was fitting these clothes in the dressing room, I fell in love at first sight. Even the material it’s made was my type of clothing material, it’s similar to the one ROMWE uses. Anyway, it’s not really important for me to win but it would be nice to win since, in a way, I kinda put a lot in this. I hope this isn’t a voting contest, else I’ll lose for sure.

ROMWE apricot color block blazer; SM GTW cutout top; SM GTW sheer bow tied shorts; Payless brown pumps