Pastel Melon

This week is a hell week for me. I just had 2 consecutive exams yesterday, I hope I did well. After this post, I’ll go back to studying for yet another exam this coming Friday, sigh. My tablet charger got broke down so I couldn’t use instagram for five whole days (first world problem lol). Oh and I took these photos on two separate days because of the rain, sorry for my messy wet hair!

Oh my gosh, my dog is just so lovable or at least she’s the friendliest, and might I say boldest, dog we’ve ever had. I don’t know if it’s because she’s the first female dog in our house but somehow she’s the only dog in our house who has ever jumped on our couch. Literally jumped. As in it took me by surprise. Lol. Last week I was sitting on our sofa in our living room when my brother let her loose in our living room. So yeah, there I was blogging when suddenly I heard a thump, and hello, she was nuzzling up to me. I told my friend about this but apparently, it’s a normal thing in their house, with five resident dogs and all.

I am a sucker for melon themed outfits, especially if they come in pastels. It just reminds me of summer so much. I don’t enjoy the summer heat but I when I see watermelons, I reminisce of summer vacations, not that I have much vacation time. But yeah, I probably read too much manga. They usually associate watermelons with summer. I tried pairing the top with black leggings but in the end, the pastel and nude tones won me over. After seeing the photos, I’m glad I paired the ankle boots with this asymmetrical top. It makes me look taller, and if not, well at least it makes me seem slimmer.

ROMWE melon themed pink and green asymmetrical sleeveless top; TAM cream sheer blazer; SM GTW nude shorts; Pretaporter tan ankle boots