Autumn Blossom

I love outfits like these! It looks like a japanese doll’s outfit. Now I’ve been told that I look like a doll, Japanese, Chinese (well this one is spot on), Korean, cosplayer and whatnot because of my looks. Even my relatives told me that I look Japanese or Korean. I hardly dress like this unless it’s for a play or something but this time’s an exception, I wanted to try this style out for fun.

“The Flower That Blooms In Adversity Is The Rarest And Most Beautiful Of All.” —From The Movie Mulan
I often wonder if I was born in China or in Japan, would I dress like this? I mean my knowledge on Japanese culture is very limited to the manga and animes I’ve watched but from what I read is that some people dress in yukatas or kimonos during shrine festivals or something. I suppose that there are events here that I could wear Japanese-ish clothes. Like in our school, there’s this Japanese organization or Japanese lovers organization or something like that. Sorry I don’t exactly know which it is. But yeah, they hold events such as maid cafes or cosplay events. I told my friend it sounds like huge fun. My friend would ask me, “Why don’t you join then?” I’d be like, “Hehe.”

And no, I did not get this dress just to take a picture of this. I really liked the print. So maybe I’ll wear a jacket and maybe tuck in this dress and wear shorts or a skirt, then I’ll be ready for school. That’s what I usually do when the prints are too vivid to be called pastel.

I got these nail art brushes from ROMWE, I didn’t order them so I guess it’s a gift. Lol yeah, the packaging did have a galaxy print sticker that said “GIFT”. I decided I’d give nail art a try again. I was addicted to nail art back in high school but now I rarely have the time to do some. Yeah so I’m a bit rusty but I kind of like the result. It looks like distorted sakura blossoms.

ROMWE green flower kimono dress; Accessorize apricot flower hair pin; Payless nude pumps